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Yet? Why Not?

28 April, 2013 Sunday // Life, Memoirs of a Loon

iconWell, look who has returned from another universe. Has it really been two years?
I will sum up what I’ve been up to in the past two years: university. I will be a third-year in the fall, which is disgustingly realistic. Where has all sense of time flown to? Don’t ask me.

I have been checking Naeolia regularly during the hiatus, tweaking, updating, and editing things here and there. I have grown very attached to this layout. I have murky inspiration for new versions but as of yet, nothing to surface.

A few days ago, I went through many of my affiliates, experiencing guilty pangs as I opened each site. I was surprised at the number of affies whose sites have changed greatly or disappeared altogether. I was also assured and relieved to find ones that are still active and more or less in the same vein as I last knew them. I will be making the blog rounds again shortly so I hope I’m remembered, even if it is by the slightest glimmerings of recollection.