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March Madness…Literally

2 March, 2010 Tuesday // Art, Life, Icons

iconI (obviously) haven’t posted since last month, but I’ve been steadily alive and updating things. I’m reflecting on my schedule for this month and it’s so hectic I wonder if it’s possible for me to come out unscathed by April. x.x I am completely in a mess regarding the next four Saturdays; all of them are full with overlapping events. Eek. Just to put it out there, I always have my Saturday mornings taken by my choir’s weekly rehearsals. I’ve already missed two, and well, surprise, this Saturday I have a winter guard competition (attendance pending :S ), on the 13th I have my first SAT, the 20th I have an optional Spanish mock AP exam which I should go to, and on the final 27th I have another winter guard competition (& a mock APUSH exam which I cannot attend in this lifetime in any way). My director will freak if I miss ALL of those! Especially with our big fundraiser mega show in the 2nd week of April—oh yeah, that’s another thing. My glorious week of spring break this year (1st week of April) will be eaten alive by choir practice/tech week. :frus: I love you, I do, choir, but really…why must you torment a busy junior sooooo—I will have to make sacrifices this month, but just which ones? :darn:
I’ve started a new category of icons: 150×150 Large Icons. They’re more expressive and I don’t know how much of a use they could be, but they’re pretty at least. :P They all use my own photography except for the very 1st one (on the bottom of the page). Here’s some teasers along with regulars from the Femme and Misc categories.


On the personal art front, I submitted an entry for a new type of challenge at Blend Planet which is to add a pattern to a plain B/W shoe (kind of like designing the shoe!). That’s the middle thumbnail, and the 2 surrounding are new retouches of Sandra Bullock and Zoe Saldana, both challenge entries. Can you believe I have still not watched Avatar? :hmm:


I’ll try my best to update sometime within this ridiculous month, but until next time!

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