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9 February, 2010 Tuesday // Art, Life, Resources, Icons

iconFirst off, I want you to take a look at this:
     The room was filled with bright morning sunlight, illuminating the tiny vibrant pieces of tissue paper falling through space. The confetti continuously sprinkled down, catching in the air, and frolicking its way to the floor. All through the day, confetti softly rained down. By nightfall, the ground was covered with the delicate debris. At dawn, a change could be sensed. The falling confetti was no longer leisurely nor light. The new kind had a purpose, along with a thicker texture, and with little leeway it streamed down, oppressing the colorful mosaic underneath. Glimpses of vibrant colors could still be seen, barely visible. At sunset, crimson and orange hues permeated the room, staining the falling confetti vermilion. By nightfall it was as if the floor was covered in bloody snow, and the room was cold.
     At long last, morning came once more, a weak sunlight spreading across the motley assortment of colors. But the confetti that was now drifting down was once again small, vibrant, and sheer. Slowly, the red ground soaked below, making way for the new layer of the clean confetti. It was a new day.

If you took the time to read it, comment what you think the purpose of it is. Then, you may enlighten yourself here: Confetti.

What’s your favorite genre of music? Mine are classical, rock, alternative, pop, and electronic. One artist from each (not particularly the favorite but one of): Debussy, Eagles, Gorillaz, Rooney, and Crystal Castles. There’s definitely more and stuff in between the lines, but I’m being short and sweet. :D

I wrote a new icon tutorial: Icon Tutorial #2. ^^ Updated icon categories are Femme & Men.

I also have some new pieces of art to share with you! The first is of Robert Downey Jr. (which OMGOMG I forgot to blog about Sherlock Holmes!! shitscrap…do that next time :frus: ) and the second is of Marie Antoinette. The latter is quite random, yes, but both were challenge entries. I’m happy with the way they turned out, especially the RDJ one, but I definitely wouldn’t mind feedback! :) I also have three new retouches: Tom Felton, Uma Thurman, and Courteney Cox (Arquette).