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27 January, 2010 Wednesday // Life

iconHere I am, squeezing in one last post before the end of January. :darn: In any case, I’m not up to keeping y’all up-to-date on my design going-ons (and I call this a portfolio??) right now, as I’m feeling quite abstruse. :thinking:
Last week, I had my finals Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Pretty much a hell week. Except for the fact that it was pouring POURING rain here for once. Washing away the pollution and restoring dying weeds to lush greenery. Living right next to the ocean has its pros and cons, and for me, a notorious cloud/fog/rain lover, the scarcity of the heavenly tears is a bit of a problem. :P On the subject of finals, it was definitely one of my most difficult exams. I took on this year more than what I’m used to chewing, as it’s my first time taking AP (Advanced Placement, which are college-level courses) classes. And I leaped into taking three…I have never had grades this low before. Never more than 3 B’s, no less than 3 A’s. As of now from my teachers’ updates, I have 1 A, 4 B’s, and 1 C. Aarghh—this is really frustrating. :argh: I resolve to work much harder this new semester. Although the game is a little different this time, at least I know fully what I’m up against.
Although I haven’t done much art pieces for myself, I opened a challenge site at the beginning of this month. Some of you already are aware (*coughLUCYahem*) and have entered, too. I appreciate the support. I’m enjoying the current round’s layout :blush:—please check it out! And send me some fabulous entries. ;) It’s called Erised Challenges. I reread the entire Harry Potter series again and my old burning passion for HP was inflamed. Aha.
Anyway, I hope I can update soon with some new art and resources. :yes:

Photo Flash: Blue Moon

5 January, 2010 Tuesday // Photo Flash

Blue Moon

Did anyone catch the Blue Moon on New Year’s Eve (December 31st)? I read an article about it a couple days before and was planning to see it, but then totally forgot. x.x It was only apparent in a couple continents—if I remember correctly, North America, Europe, South America, and Africa. Asia and Australia received the special event right on New Year’s Day. Blue moons are considered rare because it means two full moons in one month; that’s a lot of bright moonshine. ;) They’re not actually blue or have even a bluish tinge. It’s just the sight of a beautiful and bright full moon. :thinking: Thank you, Moon, for giving us such a moony entrance into the new year. :love: