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We Bleed the Same

27 December, 2009 Sunday // Life, Resources, Premades

To: Matthew Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme, Dominic Howard
The existence of Muse is a blessing in disguise from the stars.
Listening to “Map of the Problematique” is like being plugged into a drug directly powering my heart. “Knights of Cydonia” is just madness. Exogenesis is unbelievable. It’s actually a waste of time to be talking about your music because I’d rather be listening to it again and again and again.
Matt, your voice and general musical prowess is so goddamn sexy, it makes your giggling elf persona into a whole other sex god. Although I can’t make much excuse for your apparently unbearable stinky feet. But again, you are one of my Alternative King Sex Gods.
Chris, your slap bass alone in “Undisclosed Desires” is the secret underlying sex appeal of the whole song (and who said it’s just Undisclosed Desires??). And your constant headbanging makes me fear for the strings in your neck come old age, but bang it away!
Dom, you are the backbone. The lovable balding Spiderman of Muse. Man, I could die from laughing because the combination of your Slipknot impression and yelling “SIT THE FUCK DOWNNN!” and Matt absolutely cackling in the background is just the epitome of WIN.
And boys, your cover of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” is just so fucking sexy, it’s the only love song I can listen to over and over again. Matt’s voice is contagiously sexy and Dom, your little vocal riff is much appreciated. And Chris, you’re just all the time fantastic, need I say more?
You inspire me in my creative ventures and as a band, have given me two gifts: inspiration and your music.

iconThat was my love letter to Muse. I didn’t want to put any negativity in there, so here’s one qualm. There’s the fact that I can’t enjoy “Supermassive Black Hole” as much anymore because I’ve heard it so many times because of it’s exposure in fucking Twilight. Oh what the fuck. :frus: And apparently there’s another Muse song in the New Moon soundtrack, too—the name escapes me but there’s French in it. I have to say, the only reason why I can conceivably tolerate this and not go into a rampage on Twilight is because I secretly want Jasper Hale for myself. Alice can come, too, she seems chill. ^^ Everything else, MONOTONOUS GARBAGE. Now, moving on to more sitely matters…..

Smudge Brushset Mannequin Scans Preview

Premade Layout ID: Forever in Memory
{ Download 544 kb } { Preview }

That’s all for today lovelies. I might come back in and edit things later. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!

Torrential Downpour

24 December, 2009 Thursday // Site, Art, Life, Resources, Icons

iconI am getting used to this! Being on break is what I mean. It’s so wonderful, I never want it to end. x.x Today is Christmas Eve, and I’m going to suggest to my family that we do something, especially for my mom’s namesake; my lovely mother’s name is Eve. :XD: Anyway, I want to get into the sitely stuff so I can delve into the more interesting topic of today’s post.


As another piece of news, I have also created a deviantART for Naeolia. naeolia @ deviantART. I want friends! heehee :)
In regards to this post’s icon, it is a marine flatworm. I think they are just about one of the most beautiful creatures I’ve seen. The way they move is entrancing, their colors, their form, everything is absolutely enchanting about them. But perhaps the most interesting piece of fact about them, is their sex life. Yes :yes: They reproduce by such a manner called “PENIS FENCING.” Penis fencing…hermmm…you can read all about that kinky stuff here on Wikipedia. And ooh! They have the same photo I used for this icon! Little cheats, it took me forever to find that photo. :frus: Anyway, it’s quite brutal, in the process the “losing” one gets all these holes all over the place, but perhaps this violent manner of reproduction makes way for such beautiful offspring. However, I’m glad humans don’t have to go through THAT. Well, the boys can with each other but not for us females! Hoo hoo, who knows, unbeknownst to us, maybe it’s a popular sleepover game for boys. :thinking:

P.S. Lovely new affiliate, Emilka!