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26 August, 2009 Wednesday // Site, Resources, Icons, Photography

iconIt’s been over a month! :argh: I wasn’t walking along my street and fell into the gutter and got swept out into sea. Or just happened to have an anvil fall on me from a plane that was flying directly overhead. The first three weeks of August were just crazy: the 1st week was birthdays galore (including mine!), and for the last two I was at color guard/band camp. I’ve had several moments of “I need to update!”, but they never turned into anything more. So sorry! Glad to be back, and with some serious content onslaught, too.
New Affiliate: b_13 at I My Me. She also runs that wonderful challenge site called Red Heaven…
New Brushset: Called Lines. You can see I used them in this layout at either sides of the main header image. Go click it out! :D
Twenty-three (23) new icons! In these categories, respectively: Femme, La Vie en Rose (new category!), and Men. Here’s some teasers:


Three (3) new textures! They’re all from stock photos I took.


And finally, one new icon tutorial. It’s the first Photoshop tutorial on Naeolia. Check it out here.
I’m SO GLAD foto decadent is back! Splendid, splendid. It’s like Disneyland for the hobbyist web designer. ^^ School starts up again on Tuesday. Oh joy. Summer sped by entirely too fast. I wonder if your summers get shorter the older you get? That’s an interesting thought. I am still really interested in seeing The Time Traveler’s Wife—has anyone seen it? I’ve heard a lot of negative comments but they’re not fazing me much. I am also enjoying reading The Scarlet Letter. I wonder if our society employed the same idea, the world would be covered with the letter ‘B’ on a million womens’ chests. Bitch.

new photography