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Azarath Metrion Zinthos

25 July, 2009 Saturday // Life

iconI made 50 bucks last night babysitting the 5 year old daughter of my neighbor’s girlfriend. I babysat his two boys and their friend a couple months ago (my neighbor’s a single dad/divorcee) and they’re all good kids. This was the first time I met the little girl (Anya) and the girlfriend/mother. Jeff, my neighbor, came to get me around 8pm, so I grabbed my cell phone and walked over. Turns out, Anya would be going to bed around 8:30, so I would only have to babysit her for 1/2 an hour. But then sit around until “around 11:30, is that all right?” they came back from their date, or whatever. At least I would have the TV and the girlfriend’s huge dog, Willy, for company. :grin: She was watching Alvin and the Chipmunks when I came in, and was fairly peaceful until I said bedtime at 8:30. Up until then, she’d been quiet and I guess a little shy of me, but then I saw the feistier/bossier side her mom had told me about before they left. So after she went pee-pee, changed into PJ’s, and brushed her teeth, we played Spongebob Life (her decision) for 15 minutes. She actually went to bed @ 8:55. I’m such a bad sitter, I let her play hooky for twenty-five minutes. :XD: She was a sweet kid though (in fact, I said the word “precocious” to Jeff, what the hell does that mean? oh *looks at dictionary*), and considering how long I took care of her for, I totally did not deserve the two Jacksons and a Hamilton on my desk right now.
As for the song on this post, if you’re open to international music, take a listen. BEG is my favorite South Korean girl group and they actually possess vocal talent (although it’s not really apparent in this song b/c of the vocoders and synths) both in the studio and performing live. They’ve really done a 360 with their image for this song and the music video. If you’d like, check out the MV for Abracadabra here: YouTube. They’ve never gone for the sexy steamy look before, but I have to say, they work it waaaay better than the adolescent teen girl groups (of which Korea has too many).
Yesterday, I think I watched the most TV I have for a long time. I was alone in the house in the afternoon since my dad went swimming so I flicked on the tube and clicked around for a while. I’m mostly a TBS person because it’s sitcoms galore and I enjoy those. I don’t watch TV very much, so I don’t really know what’s on that’s good at what time. I used to frequent Cartoon Network but then CN got all crappy. I say it started with Camp Lazlo. Relatively, I’ve grown up cartoon-wise on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Totally Spies, Ed Edd n Eddy, Teen Titans, and cool stuff like that. Then Foster’s started airing (which isn’t that bad but not my taste), and Camp Lazlo, and now I don’t even know. Everytime I go to CN, I swear, it’s the same freaking show. It’s these weird-looking monster things that’s stupid and they barely talk. Well, maybe they do, but I only stay for about 2 secs then go back to TBS. But yesterday, Teen Titans was actually on! Yeahhhh…I watched The End, parts II and III. Raven is so frickin awesome, she’s my favorite Titan. And although I’ve never been against the Robin and Starfire pairing, I’ve always wanted Robin and Raven to hook up. I mean, look at their names, too! I just realized that, it totally matches! They’re both birds. :yes: While I was waiting to go babysit and my parents were beachwalking, Total Drama Action (WTF?!?) came on. I think it’s some sort of “reality” cartoon show (which is a complete contradiction) that if you win the Fear-Factor like obstacles, you become famous or something. Whatevs, ridick. And then, while I waited for Jeff and his girlfriend to come back, I watched Disney Channel. Sue me, but there was nothing better on. I got all excited because Spiderman was on, but it was dubbed in Spanish so lost that. Prisoner of Azkaban was on but somehow I didn’t feel like watching it, and TBS was playing Kicking and Screaming. So, I turned to Hannah Montana and That’s So Raven for comfort. :S
Well, if you’ve been a somewhat avid Naeolia follower, you might have picked up that my family has a lot of gatherings. Guess what? My parents and I are going to my aunt’s house for another gathering tonight. My uncle went on a fishing trip to Mexico so I guess we’re all going to have a fishy surprise. x.x

The Consistency of Squirrel Droppings

18 July, 2009 Saturday // Site, Art, Resources, Icons

iconThanks for all your lovely comments on the new version. I’m glad you all like it. ^^ I actually have quite a few things to update about today, so here I am! I’ll do first things first, so first :P let’s unveil the new art! I’ve made one new art piece. It’s a bit deviated from my entry for Love in Japan’s layout challenge. I was browsing foto decadent (sadly which seems to have been deleted by livejournal) and found these exquisite photos and it was just an, “Aha!” moment for me to decide to make the underlying theme “flying away.” It’s the 1st thumbnail. Then my colorization for Serendipity Blends. It should just slightly freak you out (I hope :darn: ). Then technically, although they can’t really be considered “art”, I have 4 new retouches. Four because I forgot to blog about two of them last time. :XD: I won a Platinum award from PSPassion for the Megan Fox retouch! I never considered it to be even close to that good. My favorite out of this quartet batch is the Heidi Klum. Maybe because I didn’t do it for a challenge, but just for the heck of it. :yes: I’ll stop talking now and actually show them.


I seem to be on a challenge roll. I just keep entering different ones! The icon for this post and one more in the Femme category were also challenge entries. You like?
On the resources side of things, it’s not the conventional stuff like brushes or textures. I wrote up one new tutorial on those neat little customized scrollbars I used in the last version. It’s called jScrollPane. Clicky clicky. The download is included, with permission from the author. Secondly, I’ve updated the Other Downloads page, and added the flash music player I used in the last update. I didn’t make it, just found the code lying around somewhere and figured out how to use it. So mp3 it up! :D Okay, now my head is spinning from all the mental calculations I had to do for all the new additions. :whoa:
I finished the subdomain hosting website for Naeolia! So check it out here and apply if you’re interested: Hosting @ Naeolia.net. If you’re competent and accepted, you start off w/500 megs of space, which I think is pretty sweet for subdomains. :) What do you think of the layout? Too flashy? I’m going to revamp Naeolis Designs next, which leads me to the next topic.
I downloaded Wordpress to use with the design site; it was sheer hell for the first couple hours. I hated it, was wondering why everyone else LOVES it so much, and was seething in front of the comp. I figured it out, could vaguely tell why people might like it, and am on okay terms with WP now. But it still kind of pisses me off. I think FanUpdate is the top of the glorious mountain so… :grin: I think it’s because I’m so used to hand-coding every detail myself, that not seeing where everything is the way I put it kind of bothers me. If only my math brain was as large and helpful as my HTML data bank. :P
If you’re wondering about this post’s title, I’m referring to Gimli’s quote in The Two Towers when they’re in Fangorn. Ooh, almost forgot! I have a lovely new affiliate, Gwen! *hugs* We are proof that barging into someone’s blog (me) and striking up a conversation (all these months) works! Anyway, by now I’ve lost all my bearings for what I originally wanted to talk about, and this is already so long and I’m sure most of you aren’t even reading this last sentence right now. So toodly-doo for now!