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I’m Just Looking for Someone to Love

13 June, 2009 Saturday // Art, Life, Icons

iconI don’t know why but I’m really excited to update today. :D Maybe because I’m finally on summer vacation! I’m also glad the Photo Flash from last Monday was so popular; I’ve made a new category in its honor. ^^
Made some new icons last weekend, here’s the breakdown: (7) of Lord of the Rings and (4) of Ian Somerhalder (he looks like an ass b/c of his constant smirking but he’s hot). The icon for this post is an entry for Just Like Movies. I’m working on another challenge of hers, but I haven’t even started it yet, so I’ll post that on the next update.
I am so sick of this layout, and I’m sure many of you are, too, by now. I’m not one for tiny content areas and it’s slowly driving me crazy. I have received permission from the scrollbar script’s author and I will write up a tutorial for these neat little customized scrollbars shortly for my lovely visitors. :) I want to move to my own domain sometime this summer, and I will as soon as I can backup these blog entries. I can’t seem to log in to localhost. :(
I joined Fuse Me In some time ago, and I sorely regret it. It made me quite depressed on the web-designing front for several days. I can’t believe how changed the web design community has become since when I started off at nine years old (7 years ago). And it’s for the worse. At this point, I’m talking about the type of people who are now site owners. It’s like virtual high school and having your own web site and “mad Photoshop skillz” is the latest hot accessory. The members @ Fuse pissed me off, big time. :mad: Enough about that, I’ll just avoid what makes me unhappy.
I’m going to Disneyland/California Adventure tomorrow. For like the 15 millionth time but who cares. :grin: My friends and I are park-hopping, yes, we’re that awesome. The only bad thing is I have to get up @ 6 in the morning, which sucks balls. I shall take as many good photos as possible and post them for you to salivate over on the next update. :yes:

New colorization & blend:  


Photo Flash: Save Our Oceans

8 June, 2009 Monday // Photo Flash

All those tiny little swarming specks are kindergartners! They gathered today at Dockweiler State Beach in Playa del Rey, California (USA) to protest all the crap that people are putting into oceans. So sweet! I actually have a friend’s birthday party at that beach this coming Saturday, so I’ll be treading that same sand. But seriously, it’s really sad that everything Mother Nature-related has been going downhill for the past century. Which is when urbanization, globalization, and industrialization has really been piping. People need to watch out for their own fucking shit and know where it’s going! :mad: :argh: :frus: Sorry, I just get really mad when I think about pollution and crap. Wanted to share this.