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Some Things in Life Should Always Work

30 May, 2009 Saturday // Site, Art, Life

iconI’m having a serious issue with my FTP server right now. Since Friday, I haven’t been able to upload images…it’s fine with me uploading edited PHP pages, but just not images. So until I can figure out what’s wrong, I suppose I won’t be able to upload any new art/icons. :( I’ve managed to get up two recents. The first thumbnail is my first vector illustration created in Illustrator. The second is a colorization entry for a challenge. I know, I decided to give her pink hair. Does it work?


I’ve finished two retouches but they’re in the category of “Not Getting Uploaded.” :argh: The icon for this post is also an entry for a challenge.
Challenges I Entered: Love in Japan, Lose the Road, Hyphy
I seriously have so much homework over the next couple days, mostly being English. I have three essays to write, two of which I’m getting done today. One’s for world history about genocides during the first half of the 20th century. The focus is the Armenian genocide, the Holocaust, and the atrocities committed in Nanking. The other essay is comparing and contrasting King Arthur and Luke Skywalker. :D On top of that, I have a current event article reflection for history, a Spanish project, and Korean homework (private tutor). And I have to finish 1984 by Tuesday. I actually quite like it, despite the horrendous ideals portrayed in the book. I have the slightest bearing of a connection to Winston. Julia appalls me in a way, but I know people like her in real life so it’s believable. :thinking:
Those of you who are still in school, how much is the homework load and stress for finals?

I Just Opened a Design Site

22 May, 2009 Friday // Site, Art

iconAs the title bluntly puts it, I opened a design site. I don’t exactly expect to be raking in dough from all the clients, but you can help me spread the word. ^^ Check out the link at the end of this post.
New Affiliates: Dalawyn @ Book of Memories. She has a sweet layout. :) Elen @ Hidden Muse. I’ve been a fan of her for around 4 years! Crazy, we agreed. :yes: Lucy @ Paramour, who also runs Love in Japan. *hugs*
I entered Red Heaven’s eye colorization challenge.

I love 3-day weekends. Yay for Memorial Day, if it weren’t for you, no 3-day weekend. :XD: School lets out in just about three weeks! Scary thought. What date is everyone else’s summer vacation starting? June 11th is the last day of school for me.