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Back into Spring

17 April, 2009 Friday // Life, Icons, Photography

Hi all! I hope everyone’s doing okay. :D My spring break was last week and I went to New York. Fun and plenty of good food. :) Anyway, I’ve made five (5) new icons of California-based rock/pop band, Rooney. They’re one of my favorites! Teasers:
Not that Ned and Taylor are my favorites, I just feel those icons came out best. :P The rest are located in the Music category.
I took plenty of photos in NY (I stayed in Brooklyn but went into Manhattan w/my cousin everyday) from tourist hotspots—literally, hotspots. There were so many Europeans! And the very tall Euro-Man, of course. Haha. Some languages I picked up by ear were French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Italian. Whoo. :whoa: Going back to the original point, I’ve finally decided to post some of my better shots in my portfolio. So I’ve made a new page, Photography. I’ll be adding more later, not just from New York, but also the collection I now have of photos I’ve been taking for the past three years or so. I’m absolutely ravenous right now, so I’m leaving you for food, but with some of the New York photos as teasers:

Welcome to version 5!

1 April, 2009 Wednesday // Site

Hello everyone! I’m back, and I’ve put up the new version (as I hope you can see). :D I’m eager to hear feedback, and criticism is accepted. I’m going on Spring Break starting this Friday, but it’ll only be for a week and I don’t think I will have much yummy time on Naeolia. Anyway, I’m going to bed now, and hope y’all had a fine April Fools! ;)
~ nicole