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9 February, 2009 Monday // Site

Hello everyone. It’s been a while, and I’m afraid I’m not returning with the best news. :darn: Lately, I haven’t been feeling the urge to make anything, and I feel I need a little break from Naeolia. I’m still working on the new version, very slowly, and in extremely miniscule amounts. :S So maybe you’re like, “Well, your last update was at the beginning of January. It’s been more than a month, what have you been doing since then if not on a break??” I’m really sorry, and I will still be around on the affiliate circuit, and I hope to have things back to normal (or, as normal as can be :XD: ) by March. I think that gives me plenty of time to relocate my “muse” and finish with the layout. I appreciate your patience so much and I can’t tell you how touched I feel when I read your comments. :blush: Love you all so much and have a Happy Valentine’s Day (if you wish to be happy next Saturday)!