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18 November, 2008 Tuesday // Resources

iconI’m back! I would’ve updated earlier only I was a complete dumbass and deleted all the brushes in my preset manager. :argh: Luckily, I keep brush updates so although I wasn’t able to restore the palette to the full total, at least I didn’t lose all my brushes! :no: So, I’ve finally posted that “art” piece I’ve been going on about since…October! It’s the 1st thumb under the Latest Art header in my sidebar. Tell me what you think of it! :D I have four (4) new icon textures and one (1) new brushset: butterflies. Everyone loves them so I decided to compile my own. The James Franco icon is also new. I’ve barely seen any of his movies, just think he’s yummy. ^^ Leaving you with the goodies!

icon texture icon texture icon texture icon texture


Democratic Win!

5 November, 2008 Wednesday // Life

Barack Obama is America’s 44th president! I really hadn’t followed the election very heavily, but now that it’s over, the hype’s caught. I know my parents voted Democratic all the way (after all, California is a Democratic state). Most of my friends were McCain however. My entire town is pretty split, although I’d say considering our large Caucasian upper class community, there are a lot more McCain—Palin signs than Obama ’08s on front lawns. :XD: I got kind of sleepy during McCain’s speech…he kept paraphrasing the same things over and over again! I wasn’t keen on choosing either candidate, so for my school’s mock election, I voted Green. :) Didn’t feel like choosing one person and then getting into a big discussion full of political word-of-mouth turtle crap. Anyway, I just felt like stopping by and adding my share to the political crockpot. ^^ If you live in the US of A, feel free to leave as a comment who you were rooting for. If you live somewhere else in our small world, awesome if you’ve followed along in shameful American politics! I’d love to hear your opinions. :thinking:
I just watched Obama’s speech. What a wonderful orator! He’s got a talent for it. America!