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The Leper from Botswana

28 October, 2008 Tuesday // Life, Resources

Well, I’m back! Sorry I haven’t updated for the last 3 weeks. :S I was really cooked up with schoolwork and deadlines! Unfortunately, I don’t have any new art, just a couple new textures. I’ve been working on several art pieces, but I haven’t gotten around to finishing them. This is mostly going to be a little lifeism set. Here’s something: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” :D Feeling better already? Good, that’s my job. And about relationships: “Eating together is a true sign of intimacy.” Where am I getting all this loaded, wholesome crap? Secret! :no: Anyway, here’s the new additions:


That 2nd large texture (actually the first one I made in this batch) is almost in it’s original stock photo format as when I took the picture. I just overlayed a filter and upped the brightness/contrast a bit. The second one was completely from scratch. Experimentation. As were both of the new icon textures. Anyway, I hope you all have a spooky Halloweenie :mad: and I’ll be back shortly! ^^

Down in the Deeps: Notion Solidarity

2 October, 2008 Thursday // Art, Life, Resources, Icons

That is my facebook status right now. Don’t care to explain. Sitely-wise, new affiliate: Shur from VoltageBox. Check out her new simplistically cool look! :) Moving on, I’ve added 11 new icons under the category Femme. The icons include actresses Anne Hathaway, Alexis Bledel, Natalie Portman, Song Hye-kyo, and Milla Jovovich. Under Disney, only 2 more. One of Lucifer (the evil cat from Cinderella :mad: ) and 1 of Cinderella herself. Zat is ze icons. ^^
Club Rush began yesterday at my school. It’s when all the different clubs come out on the Common, set up tables, and have sign-up sheets. It’s pretty pumped up. I joined KIWINS, which is a community service club, CNC: cooking and community service, and Korean Cultural Club because a friend is the prez. :grin: Apparently, my friend signed me up for another cooking club. We were all in it last year, so cool…I just checked and I got an 87% on my Algebra 2 test! That’s pretty average for me, so I’m thankful it wasn’t worse. :thinking: This has been a long week, I don’t know why, but I’m pretty tired. Thank God it’s a minimum day tomorrow! Out at 12:15! W00t! :D By the way, I added a couple new patterns. Go check ‘em out. :)
enormously gently,
~ nicole