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22 September, 2008 Monday // Resources, Icons

Hey there! I felt like updating now, before the pile gets too big. Today’s mostly icons, and yes, I know it’s only been three days since my last update, and oh my gosh, Nicole must be in superwebbie mode. I’m done talking about myself in the 3rd person now. :D So, I’ve been meaning to make some Disney icons for a while now, and yesterday I decided to dive into Hercules. Hercules was one of my favorite Disney movies, and thanks to Magical Screencaps, I had a plethora of pictures to work from. Here’s some teasers:


If you’re a Disney lover, go check ‘em out and use them as your avatars or whatever! ^^ I also just spontaneously entered a challenge over at Cycodelic today and here are the charming little babies for the icon challenge:


I’ve also added six (6) new patterns; they aren’t much but hopefully you can find some use for them. I’ve also added an “Other Downloads” page, where you can download some of those handy and ornamental frames web designers have been using lately. In fact, I’ve used one of them in this layout. All right, that’s it for tonight. I’m turning in (after some Algebra homework), good night!

12 Days Later

19 September, 2008 Friday // Site, Art, Life, Resources

I feel I’ve now accumulated a decent buildup of things to update about, so here I am!
New Affiliates!: Sabryna at Antebellum; Kelly at Let Love In; FioNat at Precious Oasis; Christine at Runaway Muse; Remma at Singing My Song; Spencer at Skyline Illusions; Jenny at Visualized. Check out all of their gorgeous layouts. So many talented people *cries*. :blush:
New Art (for once): I’ve now officially completed all my challenge entries for Cursed. The icons were in the last update and here’s the colorization and blend:

I do not know who the girls in the photos are, only that they’re Asian. :thinking: I also have one new texture. It’s supposed to resemble old paper. Hope it works out okay. In fact, it’s in the blend I just posted.

So we had our first home football game today. Colorguard performed with the marching band at halftime; I think we did pretty well. There weren’t any drops, our biggest toss was confident, and we were pretty on track with the music. The best thing was getting out of English early. I was only in class for 30 minutes (we have block schedule, so every period is roughly two hours). Although, English is one of my favorite subjects. :S Anyway, the game itself was pretty mortifying. We usually do pretty well, but today, we lost 12-0. Haha, and we have this brand spanking new track and field, complete with a rubber track and fake turf. It’s beautiful though. If there’s one thing our school can brag about besides academics and the ocean view, it’s the new track and field. Oh well. I’m feeling pretty gross and sweaty so I’m going to finish this up and go take a shower or something. :XD:
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