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Dinner Party

29 August, 2008 Friday // Life

I welcome Naeolia’s newest affiliate, Alis at Creative Soul! Check out her gorgeous summery layout. ^^ Reading her comments makes me want to learn Italian just for the heck of that exciting language. Other than that, no, I don’t really have any other site news to cover. :P
So last night, my parents and I drove the 4 miles to my aunt’s house for a dinner party. My cousin came over from New York and she and her friend were cooking. Shall I tell you the (mouthwatering) menú? Read more of Dinner Party.

I’m Back!

27 August, 2008 Wednesday // Site, Life

Technically, I was back 4 days ago, but I was in no condition to update. I’ve just been gradually adding/editing pages to the site, because before I left I only uploaded the most important pages. Every time I change my layout, even though I use PHP to make my job easier, I still have to go through every page because each version has it’s own folder. It makes me keep all my pages up-to-date. :) Every single link on Naeolia now has it’s corresponding page :grin:
So about my little vacation. I went with two of my aunts, one uncle, and two cousins. No parents! :D [time lapse of several seconds occurs]…I’m thinking of writing up a travel log, in which case, it being 11:40 at night right now, I wouldn’t have to detail my trip right now. I’ll post that later then. I’m going to bed so I’ll spill tomorrow!