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Giant Pineapples On the Road

20 March, 2011 Sunday // Art, Life, Resources, Icons, Photography

iconChaac, the Mayan god of rain, has split the dam of the heavens over Los Angeles. It has been pouring on and off all day, since very early in the morning to now, evening. I love the rain, the sound and feeling of the earth washing clean are beautiful to me. But my heart also sickens to think of all the pollution that is swept into the ocean, the wastes of our urban civilization. This year has been unnatural in the amount of rain we have been receiving, but it is all for the best, since California has a water problem. How often does it rain where you live?
I cannot believe it is already the end of March. I think it has something to do with how busy I was this past week, but each day really did fly by. I know I write a lot about time and various sentiments I experience at specific moments, but it is what I like to write about the most—the quiet introspection. It calms me down and serves as a bookmark on a single page of my life. And when I say it here, it is helpful for me to see the post in the future and compare myself then.
To be honest, I am at a slight loss as to what I should discuss in these posts. I have never fancied calling this section of my website a “blog,” as much as “updates” (but I get shat upon by others if I say that :P ). I find many of the topics I could possibly talk about have already been blog fodder for others, not to mention topics I myself have commented on those very posts. I find no reason to repeat myself and when I do think of something (usually away from the computer, so I am not at liberty to immediately open up a page and start typing), by the time I get home, I change my mind because I dislike putting up half-formed thoughts that lead to a darkness I have yet to make out. Perhaps I shall come up with a list of things that interest me and see what I have to say about it, and what you may, too. ^^ Hmm…the environment, music,—ah! Right, for once, something I thought of earlier that is still valid.
I was taking a quiz on Blogthings, when I was given this question: Which would you rather live without—laughter or music? I mulled and mulled over that question and ultimately, it was the deciding factor in not completing that quiz and moving on to another. I would very much like to hear your answer or rambling thoughts. I still have not decided, because I think both objects are so delicately precious. One thing I thought of is, a deaf person cannot hear either, but they can see laughter and watch instruments playing. A mute person cannot laugh or sing but he or she can hear others’ laughter and music. A blind person can hear both but do not see the scene associated with them. I love laughing and I am a very humorous person, in the sense that I consider myself funny (not always, but I’ve got some funny bones under my skin) and I appreciate the humor of others. I am also a musician, bred since I was very young to enjoy, to play, and to sing music. I cannot imagine my life without music, but I also cannot imagine my life without the moments which made me cry tears of mirth and feel like my sides were going to split any second from laughing so hard. Of course, I would hope I never have to come to a point where I seriously have to make a decision between the two, but it is an interesting notion to entertain. Even the most bleak stories have a shred of one or the other and even the most tragic lives witness the presence of one or the other.
Regarding the title of this post, I was driving on the freeway last weekend and looked out the window and saw one of the many palm trees that dot the LA landscape. It was of the fat variety which look just like enormous pineapples. I now leave you with my latest art and new resources. :)



23 Dreams

Holy crapsticks… that’s a tough one to answer. Laughter is music, to me. My brain exploded…trying to think of an answer, too. If it ever came to that, I’d probably just like implode or something….or wish to, at least :D

I have the same problem, trying to talk about something I’ve not talked about already or something that doesn’t feel too personal or too whiney or too-something or another. that’s why I am ok with not having a domain of my own…it wouldn’t get used much this year I think :XD:

left by Jen on 21 March, 2011 Monday

YAY! :D As I was going blog hopping, I noticed that quite a bit of people have returned from hiatuses as well! It’s nice to know that old bloggers are finally making a comeback; I was afraid that the blogging world would be overrun by n00bs. :P Thank you! I have been trying for months to discover my own “personal style”; I guess it’d doodles for me? I can’t seem to really make anything else properly without failing completely. Ooh, I see. What colleges have you applied to so far if you don’t mind me asking?

I have a few teachers added on mine as well and let me tell you how awkward that gets sometimes. For most of my childhood, I often thought that teachers lived at school; that they didn’t have a separate life. I was in for a surprise when I found my teachers out shopping at local grocery stores. :hmm: In ways I guess it’s kind of cool, but I find it a little… well… weird. Some of my peers are quite close to some teachers. I find girls talking to by teachers and all I can think about is… well, yeah. :P Too many stories of adultery in school with teachers having sex with students. *shudders*

I don’t know how I got into that, but anyways.

Facebook is nice in ways but it honestly depends on how you use it! I know a lot of people have gotten in touch with siblings and even old childhood friends; I think that’s awesome. Obviously, you can’t just assume that just because someone doesn’t have a Facebook, doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them at all. :S In any case, Facebook allows me to see my peers up close from another level; most of them are really incompetent and I feel a lot smarter whenever I’m on Facebook. (Partly because nobody on there knows how to spell. Sigh.)

Yeah, I was extremely pressured but the sad thing is, I barely even use it anyways. I probably honestly log in once a week? I know too many people that are addicted to Facebook’s many games; I choose to ignore all of that. I just log in, check my messages and log out.

Haha yeah my boyfriend was like… “Wow, the hell is with your mom? She’s judging me before she’s even gotten to know me. IN PUBLIC.” It was rather bothersome. :frus: I believe she did that in the first place since I moved away for college; I don’t live in the same town anymore so it’s not like she can ground me or anything. I’m too far away from her for her to control me, so in ways, she doesn’t like that.

I’m more honest online as well because I don’t know, offline, I really suck at speaking my mind. You ask me, “What’s on your mind?” I’ll shrug and say I don’t know. If you ask me online however I can probably go on and on and on about random crap. :whoa:

I don’t share that much private information on Facebook anyways so for the most part, I add anyone because I’m too lazy to click through all of them. As long as it’s 5+ mutual friends, I add them just because. The most I share is my phone number but not like anyone ever texts it anyways. x.x I would never share my address or anything like that though; that’s just asking to be robbed, or something.

It actually depends on the season! In the summer it rains the most actually, but that’s because there’s a lot of sun and obviously, it evaporates. :yes: Florida is quite interesting as far as rain goes. One small particular area can be raining a storm but take a few steps up and omfg no rain! I’m exaggerating slightly, but it seems like that in a car anyways.

I too dislike writing blogs about something I know someone else wrote about or something I happened to comment on. Most of the topics I think about are just random things I think about during the day; I more or less, enhance the topic and make it more well rounded. I hate talking about my life anyways (it’s so boring as it is), so I try to add a little variety to it. That being said, I don’t blame you for having difficulties.

Wow, music or laughter?! That’s a tough one… for starters, I can’t sleep without music (I have to have some sort of noise otherwise forget about it; I’m up all freaking night) and I fell in love with my boyfriend because he makes me laugh. That being said no laughter = no love. No music = no sleep = upset Kelsey. No David = upset Kelsey, too so either way, I’m screwed. Can we just call it truce? Seriously though, talk about a tough question! Thanks a lot. I’m probably going to be thinking about the answer for awhile now. :argh:

OMFG! LMAO I tend to have this bad luck where I enter some symbol and because Fanupdate hates me, it eats up my whole comment. To prevent this, I’ve developed a habit of CTRL + A’ing everything before I submit the comment (you know, just in case). I did so this time and Fanupdate said: “You have entered Captcha wrong. Please go back and try again.” So I hit back and my whole comment was deleted. I’M SO HAPPY I COPIED THE DAMN THING. IF I HAD TO REWRITE THIS, I WOULD NOT BE A HAPPY CAMPER.

Anyways, thought I’d share. :D

left by Kelsey on 21 March, 2011 Monday

Whether you like to call this a blog or updates, I don’t care because that is how I will be contacting you mostly from now on! :B

Ahhh yes I read both your comments and it is raining pretty nastily here too. I don’t know what is going on but mother nature is doing something funny. Today it rained a bit but would you believe it, I was sweating like a pig at the end of the day.

I always remember that song “It Never Rains in Southern California” which makes me think of the climate of the state. I love that song even though it’s not entirely accurate. It doesn’t rain too much in Australia. Just average.

I used to think my blogs were crap, at least back in 2006. They were really deep and rambly because back then my depression was at a peak, so I’d write really deep stuff. I would look back on it and wonder why people read it. Now I definitely don’t feel comfortable posting anything in the slightest bit rambly. Some of my blog posts are a bit rambly in the sense that there is no real topic and I predict I won’t get many comments on them, but I end up getting quite a lot. It’s odd.

I don’t know what I’d rather live without and I do think music and laughter are so important and precious too. Music has always been a part of my life. I try to think of this from my perspective instead of that of the blind and deaf. I think laughter can be depicted in so many other ways and music is like a whole other language, so in a way, I would live without laughter. You can see laughter and feel it—you can capture the emotion on a camera a little better than capturing music at all. :)

I think we all have the ability to nap. :) I guess it just takes time getting used to. I was so scared of napping at all but once I tried I realised I could power nap pretty well. XD I mean, that’s sort of why my alarm is there…


I actually convinced someone to get rid of their Facebook because they started disliking it, and it felt like a load off their chest. So I think most people with Facebook accounts don’t mind having one. I have heard people online complain… but I am sure one day they’ll delete theirs if they still feel the same way. :P

I still occasionally talk with my friend and host from back in 2005, which isn’t that far but it’s as far as it GETS. I’m sort of happy about that, it’s crazy how we’ve both changed a lot in terms of our blogs and designs. XD

I don’t think I’m too much of a nut person but I do like some nuts. :) Pistachios, almonds, peanuts… I do love those. :3

Ahh I only got my DA last month. I had one before but deleted it because it was full of crap. It’s not like I upload much there now either… :P

I don’t have any exams but I have three assignments due in two weeks. I also have a major animation project… it’s all over the place right now, and now we have weekly postings to do along with the reading. Tell everyone at Skelly that I say hiiiii :)

left by Georgina on 22 March, 2011 Tuesday

I understand why you like rain, where is so few rainy day in california … the day where rain was falling, I had soft & refreshing sensation.
In France you’ve rain during autumn (a lot !) and spring, but we have approximately 65 days of rain in my city (I check website about this topic aha).

I like that you’re writing, it’s not like the other blogs you know, day life and that’s it.

Laughter or music, that’s an hard question, … If I must choose one of these, I think I’ll choose laughter. because without it life will be very difficult, no moment of total abandon. It’s a way to communicate with other persons too. But yeah life without music is hard, with all feelings that it cans give you . However, we can notice all is music when you’re attentive : sound of nature, the ocean, down-town atmosphere etc.

I vote for you on the challenge website ;)

*Kelsey was very inspired today lool*

left by serena on 22 March, 2011 Tuesday

Hey! Oh beautiful site! A very unique and interesting layout! I haven’t seen a full page layout… in well a long time! >.<

Hmm, laughter or music? hard question, but I would say laughter. I’m a musician at heart and I don’t think I could live without music. Observing my life and the world, I would say that music can do so much more and express itself so much more diversely than a laugh can. *shrugs* Hard question though, but indisputable for me.

left by Cara on 22 March, 2011 Tuesday

It “never rains in LA” so this must feel weird for you :)

Laughter or music.. well I simply can’t live without music so it’s that simple. Laughter is beautiful, but I think I sort of could live without it. If I still could smile & see people smiling :P

left by Shiri on 23 March, 2011 Wednesday

I live in Canada so it always rains unfortunately. I used to always hate it, but then I got used to it so it’s not that big of a deal anymore haha. Right now it’s actually raining as I type this, but the one thing I hate about right now is that it’s freezing outside. It was just snowing, and now it’s raining. It wasn’t snowing that much, but enough to make it super cold out. I’m a summer person, so winter is not really my thing.

But wow, Los Angeles. I wish I could live there, don’t make fun of me if I say this…but I heard that celebrities are seen all the time and that people walk past them like it’s nothing because they see them all the time. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I think I might have just proved Americans that Canadians are stupid…haha. I hope not. It’s just a question, right? But yeah, it seems like a great place, although I hear a lot of negative stuff on the news, but every place has it’s own problems.

And wow, music VS laughter? I wouldn’t even know how to answer that. I’m the same way like you, I couldn’t live without either. Although, I’m not singer nor musician but I still love to listen to music and enjoy it. Music is the only reason why I even wasted money on my iPod, you know what I’m sayin?!?! But I’m definitely a laughing person since my whole family might as well be comedians since they’re as goofy as I am….literally. And I have a 2 year old brother who brings me even more joy and laughter into my life. It’s really hard to chose between the two.

I could just see myself at a club or a concert and not be able to listen to anything. Not fun. But I can also see myself watching an Adam Sandler movie and not laughing! What a crime. Questions like that are hard, and for people like me…will always remain unanswered.

I really like your colorizations, I wish I could stuff like that! I’m terrible at it ahah.

And thanks :) I just opened my site about a week ago and I already have a new theme! I’m pretty into it right now, and I’m even planning on making it my personal blog…I kind of already started when I was ranting about being jobless ahah. But it’s good in my opinion because I can express myself and no one can say anything (well people comment, but not the people I know anyways.) Anyways, thanks for commenting back. You’ll be hearing from me from time to time :)

left by Marvin on 23 March, 2011 Wednesday

It’s soooooo hard to break up with someone you’ve been with for close to four years… I’m just not brave enough, I guess. Some days are easier than others…. For me, I forget things that were done to me or things I should remember and it’s like :hmm: what was it that you did to me a few days ago that pissed me off so bad? So, in answer…nope, haven’t broken up. I don’t just do this w/ him though…don’t get me wrong. He’s not an angel that’s always forgiven for things he probably doesn’t even know he’s doing. I think I had a talk with him recently & things seem to be a lil bit clarified. :whoa:

left by Jen on 24 March, 2011 Thursday

Thanks for the comment. :love:

I LOVE THIS NEW LAYOUT. I wish I had your amazing layout making skills. But I suck. D:

I wish it would rain here…because then the snow would be gone. I hate snow…GRRRR. xD

That is a very tough question. I don’t think I could pick either. Both of them are things that are very important in my life.

left by Deidre on 25 March, 2011 Friday

Yeah, it was definitely WTF status. Well, I’m in college so… a lot of people from different age groups are in my classes. (: Since I’m taking the basic requirement classes, the age group is scattered. I have a woman in her 60’s in my math class and a woman in her 70’s in my speech class. It’s mostly women for some reason? I have yet to see an old guy.

I seen the guy in my class today but unfortunately, I have yet to see said apology. I’m doubting if I will at this point even though I did nothing wrong! If he doesn’t apologize next week when I see him, I’m not going to be partners with him. It’s like, why bother? He’s the one being immature by not talking to me.

I live in Miami and it is spring break so I don’t blame her too much, though I wish she would have been more considerate as what word usage she chose. The word “fuck” was definitely unnecessary.

left by Kelsey on 25 March, 2011 Friday

First, I’d just like to tell you your theme is amazing. I like the texture on the photo you used. Very neat and creative.


Interesting perspective on rain. I love the rain. I welcome it every time it knocks on my roof.

About your question—in all honesty that a tough one. Music? Laughters? Idk. Can’t we just have both or not have either of them at all? Laughter is almost like music. Music produces laughter. I think they come together hand in hand. If I were to choose, I probably wouldn’t be able to do so.

left by Thurr on 25 March, 2011 Friday

Well love, whatever it is that you decide to write about, it is always a delight to read because you are so talented with the written English language.

Rain! Indeed it has rained quite a bit around LA. I was at home in OC where it also rained heavily. Beautiful sight, but like you mentioned, it really does sweep tons of pollution & waste into the ocean. My cousin drove me back up to LA today & as we looked out onto the California coast, deep out to the horizon, we noticed how beautiful it was today. The ocean was an emerald green, the most beautiful green I’ve ever seen our coast look.

Anyway, I would’ve exited out of that quiz too. I can’t possibly decide which I’d rather live without. I love both equally. Music makes me laugh & it makes me happy & a life without laughter is incredibly dreadful. Mutes can laugh! Well it depends on the type of “mute” you’re talking about &/or how you define laughter. I mean, does it always imply sound because sometimes I’m cracking up, but I don’t necessarily make a sound! Still counts, right!? I want to punch the person who came up with that question though, mostly because it’s such an absurd question. Two completely different things, music vs. laughter, & they expect you to pick one. Sheesh.

It’s like asking, “would you rather live in a world without the color green or without your taste buds?” WTH THEY DON’T EVEN COMPARE.

Me thinks that you won’t find a problem in finding a good topic to talk about. Just .. jot down the subject!

left by Tiff on 27 March, 2011 Sunday

Re: http://www.everimagine.net/young-blood-old-war/comment-page-1/#comment-663

Thank you! I wanted to write about this for a while, and since I just re-read the book, I decided that now as the perfect time. I wanted to inform those who were not aware, and remind people who had forgotten.
I encourage people to re-blog this article or link back, to help spread the word. It’s something that more people should be made aware of. I love to see when others write posts, not just complaining about their personal lives, but also to promote something.

Yes, i know, sickening. I could go on and on. It’s was hard enough keeping this article as short as it is!!!

left by Cara on 28 March, 2011 Monday

I honestly don’t know if I could live with either. That’s a real tough question. I feel like both has it’s benefits, and both could go hand in hand. Often laughter for happiness, and sometimes when I feel sad and can’t laugh, I turn to music. But then again you could say that if I choose laughter maybe that means that I don’t have to be sad, because there would be no need for music. Okay, that’s enough philosophy mumbo jumbo from my mouth.

I wanted to say that your comment on my crackship post was A RIOT! IT WAS HILARIOUS! You are seriously one of the funniest people I know online and I could not stop laughing that I shared that line you wrote about the “ass” part to my best friend who doesn’t even watch both shows, laughed out loud. Seriously best comment EVER!

left by lucy on 28 March, 2011 Monday

Gaaa sorry for the late reply. I’ve just been so overwhelmed lately, it’s crazy. Haven’t really felt like replying to comments and I’ll admit I am actually glad you don’t have a new blog up for me to read. :X

Some people think it’s a little silly for Australia to make voting compulsory, especially when some people aren’t interested and don’t take it seriously. It sucks that your political participation is shit; for more people to participate, making it mandatory is a good idea but you WILL get dummy votes… :P You WILL get people who don’t really care. But it’s true, we all complain about the government, even I do… yet I don’t really give a toss who I vote for.

I don’t know many Bens either, to be honest… but hey, they are nice! Including Ben Jorgensen (obviously).

Mechatronic = mechanical + electronic. Lovely neologism, eh? :3 He does robotics kind of stuff.

You’re welcome! :B OH AND I ACTUALLY HAVE NEVER TRIED PISTACHIO ICE CREAM so mail me some. It might have melted by the time I get it though. xP

I haven’t done the full animation project but here’s one of the activities we did… Mine looks really shit, mind you. xP http://heartdrops.org/flower.swf The main project isn’t due for a while yet. D:

left by Georgina on 29 March, 2011 Tuesday

I wish it would rain here, ugh. We finally had nice weather for awhile, and then we got MORE SNOW. I’d rather rain, because i’ve had the urge to run in the rain lately but I can’t really do that without rain, haha.

As for the question… I don’t think I can answer that either :/ Like.. that’s just… hard. Because both are so awesome, in their own ways and it’s like.. woah. Can’t even handle that question, haha.

No problem on the layout ;) haha. I’ve had it up for awhile now but I love it and I don’t wanna take it down, haha.

left by Meredith on 30 March, 2011 Wednesday

Seriously, I feel like I wrote the part of the blog about blogging. I feel EXACTLY the same way. I consider each individual entry of mine to be a file of my brain, and hopefully my entire blog will someday form a clear-ish picture of myself. I’m a big fan of self-analysis as well. I like to think I have a good understanding of myself, both the good parts and the bad. That’s what I usually end up discussing in my blogs.

I think of blog ideas in my head all the time too, but they never actually become finished entries. I either decide they’re dumb ideas or forget about them. Sometimes I find myself composing entire blogs in my head when I have thinking time. Of course, I never remember them or am too lazy to actually type it all out.

As for the laughter v. music question, I won’t even hesitate to answer laughter. While I love music, it’s sadly never become an integral part of my life. I listen to my iPod every day, but I don’t play any instruments or have any deep attachments to music. Laughter, on the other hand, is so important to me. I’m generally the type of person who likes to be happy, and bursting out laughing while watching my favorite comedies is one of the easiest ways for me to achieve that happiness. Plus, so many of my fondest memories are associated with some sort of all-out laugh fest with my family or friends.

In response to your comment—Lent doesn’t end until April 20-something-th. It’s supposed to be forty days, but the higher ups (whoever the hell they are) say Sundays don’t count. I count them, though, since one day could throw me right off the wagon (or on…I could never get that phrase straight). That makes it forty-six days total.

As for the Red Scare, technically, yes, it has to do with McCarthy and Communism and all that jazz. But I was merely referring to my period. It’s become a goal of mine to create a new, clever name for it every month. That was March’s creation. >.<

left by Gabi on 31 March, 2011 Thursday

The new textures are really nice!

You live in Los Angeles? I am so jealous! I am completely obsessed with Los Angeles—in fact, I’m completely obsessed with America! Even though I’ve never actually been there.. Haha :P

I love the sound of rain too. I have this weird thing about being inside, and being nice and warm when it rains. Don’t ask why! :P

I live in the UK, so it rains a lot! Which in my eyes, is a good thing, because I love the rain! However, the majority of the UK hates the rain :P

left by Owen on 5 April, 2011 Tuesday



Also he is delicious, I can’t believe you have my crackship page saved! That’s creepy… NO I’M KIDDING YOU KNOW I LOVE THAT SO MUCH TOO!!! Hahahaha I can’t believe you only visit my blog, that’s ridiculous!! You know I post random shit all day long… never ever anything worth reading.

But I hope you are doing well, we are all busy. except for me, I’m busy and DISTRACTED.

left by Lucy on 13 April, 2011 Wednesday

I find it easy to forget the simple beauty of rain. I live in Scotland so it’s always raining. The grey clouds and omnipresent drizzle become bleak and depressing. There are times when I love to stand in the rain because it’s such a refreshing feeling. It’s also instilled into a British mind to moan about the weather so there is a secret joy whenever it rains—we get to complain about it. I miss the rain when I leave, so I guess I do like rain. I can’t imagine living somewhere without it. California would be too dry for me. Not to mention too hot. :P I’ve never thought about rain washing pollution into the sea, but you’re right it would. It’s not a pleasant thought, I associate rain with cleansing—and with mud.

I’ve never had a problem with writing on similar blog topics to other people. I don’t strive to be original, just to be myself. I sometimes comment on someone’s blog and it starts a chain of thought. If I have more I want to say on the subject I’ll write about it in my own blog. I like to have that freedom. Writing about topics that haven’t been previously discussed elsewhere would be really restricting for me considering I’m not a creative person.

Laughter or music? My immediate response would be to say music because it is such a huge part of my life but in reality I could not choose. I would never even try to. I hope I don’t have to; they’re both such beautiful and unique aspects of life.
I remember you. I remember you had a Lord Of The Rings themed layout which I loved. :)

I do miss reading a lot. I made an effort to pick up some new books recently and I’ve been reading them slowly. I hope I’m getting back into it.

Haha, it’s a horrible feeling isn’t it? It feels like you can’t communicate the precise idea you want to. It’s frustrating.

I found Tumblr annoyingly addictive. I’ve found some of the most beautiful things there and also the most hilarious cartoon strips. DeviantArt I’m not actually finding much use for.

Thank you. I’m glad my music exams are out of the way now. I can focus on the main ones now. Good luck for yours. I think ours fall at the same time.

left by Aileen on 18 April, 2011 Monday

Hi, Nicole! Thank you so much for accepting me as an affie! I’ve added you as well. :yes:
Ahh… it’s been raining nonstop where I live, too! These days, it’s as if mother Nature suddenly forgot her identity… sometimes, it’ll just be thundering and pouring and then suddenly, it’ll be all sunshine…
Your most recent works look so lovely!!!
Anyway, How are you? :D

left by Sunny on 19 April, 2011 Tuesday

I think we’re both equals.. I haven’t really updated my site as well and as if for now—I’ve been really slow at replying your comment x) I can’t wait for graduation ^.^

Rome was really great. I’ve only been to Europe since I live here. Though I’d be really happy to go to America or Australia some day.. I don’t travel much and I really wish I did >.<

Good luck to you too!

left by Helene on 21 May, 2011 Saturday

Just dropping by to tell you I’ve changed my blog url & name—http://living-dead-grrl.blogspot.com/

left by Deidre on 9 June, 2011 Thursday

Feed for comments on this post.

:) ;) :P :grin: :D ^^ :blush: :yes: :XD: :/ :S x.x :darn: :frus: :argh: :mad: :( :no: :hmm: :whoa: :love: