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7 March, 2011 Monday // Site, Life

iconI will start with the horribly obvious: yes, I have been absent since last July. I may as well have fallen off the face of the earth, and then, to make matters even more unforgivable, about three weeks ago, Naeolia itself disappeared. And then when it returned to the WWW two weeks ago, a blaring 403 Error orange page sat as if it were mocking its existence in shame. And now, it is apparent that I, Nicole, and Naeolia have returned.
I can explain a part of my sentiments in neglecting Naeolia and Erised (which has yet to be resurrected, doubtful in the near future) for the past half-year. Mainly, I needed to concentrate on the pressingly important matter that is the first semester of my senior year. I have passed through the earthly disasters of applying to colleges, scraping through with good grades, all while maintaining shreds of good humor and sanity. The secondary reason for my lack of activity was what I call my “muse.” I temporarily lost the motivation, inspiration, and direction I need to run this website, and when I was starting to become enlightened once more, of course the former reason served as an insurmountable obstacle. But now it is March and I have safely crossed the charted waters of January (end of first semester) and February (beginning of second semester). Highly ironically, I suffered half of February (in separate periods of time) in either extreme sickness or excruciating pain. I missed an entire week of school (never have before) and spent a night in the emergency room. I am finished now, with this probably slightly depressing talk. On to happier, yet still obvious (and some less obvious) things…
New layout! :grin: I think I’m getting better—my coding time has drastically reduced compared to that of the past. I hope it looks right in your browser and screen resolution; if you think something is off, please tell me! The left side should stay fixed as this right content area scrolls. The latter also adjusts according to the width of your browser. Feedback much appreciated. :yes:
I have a new host! Megori graciously runs Tetsunosuke, a free hosting website for both subdomains and domains. I know this will probably mean that in the future I will have to move again, whether it is for my own freedom or Meg’s inability to host websites any longer. But I credit her for Naeolia’s quick reappearance on the web after my old host evaporated on me. Thank you so much, Megori!
I have been reorganizing much of the content having been given this opportunity (to re-upload all of my files to a new server), and will continue to do so. I also have a mass of resources to edit and upload that I hope I can offer very soon. I apologize to my affiliates for my extended absence, but I will be making rounds again soon. Hopefully I will find that I still have a couple attached to me and sadly, I will also probably find some lost ones. I am really tired now so I’ll end this here, but I will say it feels wonderful to be back. :)
P.S. If you encounter any broken links or downloads as you browse the site, please notify me. It is very possible I have missed files in the upload process.

10 Dreams

MY FIERCEST WEBMISS OF THE LAND! I’m so excited to hear you are back! LOL thank you for that awesome analysis of my desk.. I can guarantee that my friend has more personality than I do!

I’m really sorry to hear that you were sick and had to go through all that, it must have been really tough, but I’m so glad you are okay. AND ALIVE!! I’ve really missed seeing your blog around!! I’m so happy to see that you have returned!


much love, your random pal at paramour.

left by lucy on 9 March, 2011 Wednesday

In my world, you were never missing, ^^ but it is nice to see you come back online. :) yay Naeolia!!

left by Krystel on 9 March, 2011 Wednesday

OMG OMG OMG! Happydancehappydancehappydance! It’s you! Hey girl! I’m loving the fully-functioning layout (that’s a deranged way of saying I think it’s fabulous to look at & it’s also doing what you said it should be doing in your post)

I can’t believe it’s really you! :love:

left by Jen on 9 March, 2011 Wednesday

Hi Nicole!!!

I’m so glad I caught your message on my website. I’m currently suffering some problems with installing the wordpress spam filter. It’s something my host should be able to fix, but while I’m awaiting that I’m stuck with almost 400 comments of which most are spam. I was just about to give up on skimming through them and just press “delete all” when I caught your name :D

I am still not fully back. I, like you, am suffering a bit with the question on what to do with the website. My graphic making days are as good as over. I hardly ever make wallpapers and all. I do continue coding layouts and websites, so perhaps I should make this my biggest focus. We’ll see…
Also, I’ve been fully engrossed with a new hobby: Crocheting amigurumi (charami.wordpress.com). I’m thinking of maybe including this blog in my hosted domain as a subdomain :D.

So, as you can hear, I’m still deciding on how to continue with the website :D

I’m glad to hear you are back! I love the new layout :D

Talk to you soon!!


left by Charlotte on 10 March, 2011 Thursday

Nice to see you again on web life.
Your new design is absolutely fresh and makes me feel like in summer. It looks like an america’s next top model shoot (yeah I’m currently watching old seasons). I’m seduced :love:

When you say that you’ve lost your muse, I understand your situation and I think the best way is to stop for a moment posting and artworks to find a better way after.

I’m hoping you’re in better period now for health nicole and don’t be stressed by college.. (easy to say…)


left by serena on 10 March, 2011 Thursday

I love the new layout. :D I instantly assumed the content would resize with the size of the window, and I was right! I looked at my layout on a Mac yesterday, with a huge screen, and I can tell you it looked horrid, but I can’t seem to bring myself to make a layout that changes with the size of the window. I’m used to my own ’style’. But I think your layouts were fantastic before, this one looks just as gorgeous. :)

You were gone for a while but I don’t think you really disappeared. You were on Skeletons and I suppose you just didn’t feel motivated and didn’t have the time to work on your site. I get that sometimes… but I don’t go for long periods of time. ;)

Congratulations on getting a new host and your site back up. :B I have had host problems in the past, when I first got my domain; but now no longer have problems with my host and haven’t for a while.

I need to clean up my site, speaking of. xD

RE: Matthew Bellamy is cute! I love British boys. :X I haven’t listened to Muse in a while, I used to love Matt a lot. Hahaha.

Thank you! 8D I don’t remember agreeing to link each other but I will have to add you to my links too. That page needs a clean… I am sure I have some dead links on mine.

Take care! *salute*

left by Georgina on 11 March, 2011 Friday

Wow!! So you’re back!! :D I’m very happy about that! And also: i like a lot the new layout!

left by Aenea on 12 March, 2011 Saturday

Friggin love the new layout girly. :D

Ahh girl! What happpened? You poor thing, I’m so glad you’re okay now though, jeez. Missing a week of school…I can’t imagine how far behind you must’ve been, but you’re all caught up now, right? & you’re feeling all better?

Don’t need to apologize, girl, I’ve been absent too. But I hope everything is okay on the home front & schoolwise & now HEALTHWISE!

Macs read fonts differently (for reasons unknown to me, could be graphics cards/resolution to be honest) so the font is a bit tiny to me, but I noticed that you’re using em so it should look the same on both of our screens haha okay never mind.

Oh major poopsicles at the whole domain fiasco. I hope you figure that out before Megori disappears on you (if she ever does that is). I mean I’ve been there so I can definitely relate. I’m sure you can find a solution regardless.


left by Tiff on 16 March, 2011 Wednesday

Ooh, welcome back! It seems we’ve both returned from a rather long hiatus. I’ve been gone since November myself. XD It really sucks when you lose all motivation and lack inspiration but when it randomly comes to you, you kind of focus on nothing but your site (at least, that’s how it was for me anyways). I blocked out everyone else and stayed in my room for three days straight. Coding. :frus: I do like your layout though! I wish I could make graphics but I can’t even if my life depended on it.

Are you a freshman in college or are you still a senior? I couldn’t really tell.

left by Kelsey on 18 March, 2011 Friday

I too disappeared from the web! It’s been since last June when my website was even active. But unfortunately something happened with my website and I was unable to even use it. But now I’m back with a new host (like you :P) and I’m ready to start again kicking it off with a new layout. Which I must say, your layout is awesome! And it looks perfect on my browser.

And I’m sorry to hear about your sickness. It’s happened to me a few times in the past, but I rarely get sick any more. Hopefully you’re feeling better :)

left by Marvin on 20 March, 2011 Sunday

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