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March Madness…Literally

2 March, 2010 Tuesday // Art, Life, Icons

iconI (obviously) haven’t posted since last month, but I’ve been steadily alive and updating things. I’m reflecting on my schedule for this month and it’s so hectic I wonder if it’s possible for me to come out unscathed by April. x.x I am completely in a mess regarding the next four Saturdays; all of them are full with overlapping events. Eek. Just to put it out there, I always have my Saturday mornings taken by my choir’s weekly rehearsals. I’ve already missed two, and well, surprise, this Saturday I have a winter guard competition (attendance pending :S ), on the 13th I have my first SAT, the 20th I have an optional Spanish mock AP exam which I should go to, and on the final 27th I have another winter guard competition (& a mock APUSH exam which I cannot attend in this lifetime in any way). My director will freak if I miss ALL of those! Especially with our big fundraiser mega show in the 2nd week of April—oh yeah, that’s another thing. My glorious week of spring break this year (1st week of April) will be eaten alive by choir practice/tech week. :frus: I love you, I do, choir, but really…why must you torment a busy junior sooooo—I will have to make sacrifices this month, but just which ones? :darn:
I’ve started a new category of icons: 150×150 Large Icons. They’re more expressive and I don’t know how much of a use they could be, but they’re pretty at least. :P They all use my own photography except for the very 1st one (on the bottom of the page). Here’s some teasers along with regulars from the Femme and Misc categories.


On the personal art front, I submitted an entry for a new type of challenge at Blend Planet which is to add a pattern to a plain B/W shoe (kind of like designing the shoe!). That’s the middle thumbnail, and the 2 surrounding are new retouches of Sandra Bullock and Zoe Saldana, both challenge entries. Can you believe I have still not watched Avatar? :hmm:


I’ll try my best to update sometime within this ridiculous month, but until next time!

Brand new round at Erised!

18 Dreams

Woooo hooo first commment!

THE UPDATES LOOK SO AWESOMEEEE. i love the 150 by 150 icons. HMM…those entires for erised look really awesome. Well, I looked at the past entries. Or the current..? I don’t really know but you have talented entries! :D

Gah sorry to hear about your packed weekend..I hate overlapping weekends! I have a lot to do this weekend too..I don’t know how much I’m going to be able to get done.

left by Tiff on 3 March, 2010 Wednesday

Hey Nicole! Thanks for the comments! Yes, I really do love Marilyn :P

Your new stuff looks great, and good luck on your exams :)

left by Sarah on 3 March, 2010 Wednesday

i have my spring break (but it actually calls march break) from 15.03 to 19.03 and I cant wait!!!

i’ve seen “avatar” like two weeks ago, but it was in english so i didnt get the whole movie haha. so i dont even have an opinion about it.

left by emilka on 3 March, 2010 Wednesday

i’ve decided that i’m going to permanently keep my layouts black because it’ll save my laptop a little battery life. you know, monitors use up less energy (just slightly) when it’s viewing a black page versus a white page (which uses more energy). haah.

i’m at school right now. sooo but anyway..

you left me the most educated & intelligent comment! i really appreciate that, nicole! it SUCKS that all the politicians promise better schools but war is always more important these days but in my case, ..well honestly i have no idea what the governator is doing. i just know he keeps cutting our damn budget! GRR.

China owns our debt though. They practically own us. OPEC practically owns us as we depend on them for oil. Just think how much money we’d save to allocate to other things if we didn’t send our troops over to iraq or afghanistan.

i understand that keeping our country safe is really important, duh..but we should protect our citizens HERE instead of fighting people there. what are we supposed to do? establish peace in the middle east by killing them off & killing our own men & women in the process? really smart.

peace can’t be achieve by force! oye. alright well that’s my speeealll. thanks for leaving me an educated comment though. i really appreciate it. :D

left by Tiff on 4 March, 2010 Thursday

Haven’t watched it either…and I could have sworn I saw dvds of it…I knew it was too soon for it to be released…looked on imdb and it’s not until december of this year that it’ll be on dvd. Heh. I can’t wait!

Anyway….holy heck that’s a lot of stuff to do in one month! But just think, the choir will be a nice touch for college entrance ^^

left by Jen on 4 March, 2010 Thursday

I really am suffering at school like you this March as well. I hope you survive! I haven’t watched Avatar yet too, I hear it’s a good movie but I’m itching to watch Alice in Wonderland more, haha! Good luck, Nicole, we all understand the scarcity of updates!

left by Kenneth on 5 March, 2010 Friday

Oh those icons are gorgeous! Especially the third one with the palm trees.

left by mary opal on 13 March, 2010 Saturday

Thank youu,

left by Patricia on 13 March, 2010 Saturday

Thank youu,

left by Patricia on 13 March, 2010 Saturday

(sorry for the triple posts, but my comment was cut off….)
Thank youu
Wow, you have been busy! And even getting busier!
Good luck on all those exams and choir rehersals!
I love all of your updates-especially those icons, :)
And that shoe design is fantastic! You need to win, :yes:

left by Patricia on 13 March, 2010 Saturday

Wow you really are busy! I can’t believe that your choir takes up so much time :S It’s a cool thing to do though, so I would be very proud of myself if I were you :) Good luck on all the schoolthings as well!
I love your new icons, they’re so pretty!

left by Lotte on 15 March, 2010 Monday

I haven’t been to your site in forever, but omgosh I love the layout. It’s ridiculously pretty and the coloooors. :D

Guh, I’m sorry you’re so busy. How do you deal with it? I feel overwhelmed just going to school, let alone all those extra-curriculars.

I was out of contact with my sister for so long because around the time I was 6 she had a kid and moved around a bit, and I moved and we just lost contact. =/

I don’t have any good sushi places where I LIVE, but there are quite a few near where I go to school (I’m a commuter). :D

left by Sabryna on 18 March, 2010 Thursday

Gosh, you really are busy! I’m so sorry. :/ I actually love it when I am not busy and I can just sit at home all day. :yes: But hopefully things will settle down a little for you soon. I’m in choir as well, and boy does it mess up your schedule! I mean, we had a concert recently but I decided not to go, because I would be missing tests and classes and choir just really isn’t THAT important to me…even though my instructor was pissed. :blush:

I LOVE the icons. The pictures are beautiful and I love the textures. Wow, great photography!

left by Jasmine on 19 March, 2010 Friday

NICOLE! your work never ceases to amaze me. I love it! Great manipulation by the way. Too bad we can’t do it to our shoes in real life.. :(

I’m going to photoshop for Erised this week because you know what I’m on spring break! woot!

left by lucy on 20 March, 2010 Saturday

Your site is way cuter. No. Cute is an understatement. It’s really pretty, beautiful, awesome!!! :grin:

You have a lot of activities. D: Good luck. I hope you survive the next month! I bet you will. :yes: :blush:

Really nice stuff you got here. O_O They’re so beautiful. :love: Don’t worry, I haven’t watched Avatar yet. You’re not alone. *wink.wink*

left by Luna on 22 March, 2010 Monday

I use Photoshop CS4…I got it w/ a huge discount after I bought my wacom tablet last Spring. Maybe you’re asking me that because the png image is sorta crap-quality… lol. I noticed that even if the transparency option was clicked, it saved it without the transparency…making it look like poo…but I’m freakin lazy :D And if you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about…sorry! lol. But yeah….CS4. I’ve never used paintshop pro. I’ve only ever used PS 6, CS1,2 & 4 :yes:

left by Jen on 25 March, 2010 Thursday

Wow. You got so many things going on. I guess you have to choose your priorities first :)

You should watch avatar. But maybe after all the saturdays wherein you have to deal with multiply events :)

left by Grysh on 26 March, 2010 Friday

At least I’m not alone feeling stressed xD I’m glad I’m off school the entire week (extended easter holiday) and the teachers have learned a bit from the last vacation :) We don’t have quite as much homework like the last time so now I can relax most of the week :) though there are still a bunch.

left by Helene on 29 March, 2010 Monday

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