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Happy New Year!

1 January, 2010 Friday // Life, Icons

iconHappy New Year! Welcome to 2010…a new decade into the 21st century. Any one do anything extra special or simply care to share? My day (not quite over yet) has been quite simple but very enjoyable. ^^ My father’s making sushi for dinner, and when my mom comes home, it’ll be Good Eats for tonight! Haha. Anyway, I come bringing icons and plenty of heartfelt emotion. :blush: Last Sunday, I watched Gone With the Wind for the first time. It was fantastic! I fell in love with the film, although it left me quite hanging and a tad depressed. I’ve seen Vivien Leigh in other films (Waterloo Bridge, another wonderful film!)—she’s such a talented and beautiful woman. She seems quite a fox, yes, but nevertheless, I can’t help being attracted to her. Scarlett and Rhett are just irresistible, the ending left me quite heartbroken. I tried reading the novel a few years ago but it was much too boring for me (and I was younger so probably couldn’t understand the language as well) so I put it down. One of the rare occurrences for me, as I almost never put down books once I’ve started them. But the classics seem to bring that nasty turn out in me (The Odyssey, The Iliad, War and Peace:argh: ). But I resolve to read the book this year! I have 365 more days, that’s plenty of time to settle down with it and give it a long, good read. So I’ve made a new set of Gone With the Wind icons as well as a new category for it. I’m not even close to done with the batch; what I have now is just the beginning of my flowering icon love for this movie. :XD: Teasers at the bottom of the post.
I also watched Sabrina again (twice this week!), for the umpteenth time, and I’m talking about the 1954 original film, not the remake. This time, I was inspired to make icons for it, so there’s another new set of Sabrina icons and its new category, respectively. Dear old Humphrey Bogart may have been three years away from his deathbed while making it, but I still am fond of the match between Bogey and Audrey Hepburn. But then, it’s so hard not to be fond of anything that has Audrey in it. But the chemistry between her and Bill Holden was so remarkable, too. I believe all the people who complain about the Bogey pair-up were predisposed to all the set “drama” they read up on the film before they even watched it—hence the overwhelming disapproval of the coupling and various other complaints. I’ll say, when I watched it for the first time with my mother, I sat down with no opinions at all, besides “You’ll love it!” And I did. I do. Like the other icon set, I’m no where near finished with the Sabrina batch either, so this is what we have to start with. Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely New Year’s, until next time!



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Likewise, Nicole! Now aren’t you the enthusiast of classic films? I might have a try on it too, ’cause I want to try something new. Can you recommend a film for me?

left by Kenneth on 1 January, 2010 Friday

I do the same thing with classic books…. Poetry is easier for me, though. I just can’t get into the characters in old books. Well, I like Jane Eyre. That’s the only exception, though. I especially hated the books they made us read in school! UGH! I sort of liked the challenge Shakespeare brings, though. It’s also quite a beautiful language.

I couldn’t watch Gone With The Wind fully because I don’t like that tension….when I read or watch a romantic story, I want the two main characters to have a good time falling in love. That’s not to say I enjoy syrup (in anything but waffles or pancakes). I think the best love story is to have a girl under the nose of a man and then they eventually fall in love, with the persistence of the girl and the eye-opening and heart-opening of the guy.

P.S: Um…you can link either site, or just one…I guess whichever one you want to be associated with, by-proxy and all that. Whichever you’d think your visitors would like best :D I’m not fussy

left by Jen on 1 January, 2010 Friday

Hmm.. Nothing much happened actually. It was just me and my mom this year. I’m used to be around plenty of people on that day! But not this time ;) But it was nice though.. We had a great dinner and dessert! :D Anything interesting happened to you?

left by Helene on 2 January, 2010 Saturday

omg im soo sorry i’ve been such a bad affliate! i just drove 6 hours back to college (i start classes on monday)

OMG SABRINA is my favorite movie. Audrey Hepburn is such an elegant actress, and a style icon. I always thought Bogey was a bit too old, but he’s got that dark and mysterious quality which makes up for age i suppose. Have you seen Casablanca? That was also very good.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! hope you have another great one!

left by lucy on 2 January, 2010 Saturday

happy (belated) new year to you too! (;
my avatar before was with Leighton Meester and then I changed it to “Krzywo.” (I just had fun of polish clothing-company “Prosto.” [means “Straight.”], because a lot of rap-posers like this, and I put “Krzywo.” [”askew.”] instead, to a logo.).
awkward silences? I don’t remember, but I dont think so, haha. I don’t know how we did that :D.

left by emilka on 3 January, 2010 Sunday

sushi? maybe that’s weird but I never ate sushi :D.
I love 4th & 8th icons from Gone with the Wind, but the Sabrina’s are great as well. espacially the fifth one :d

left by emilka on 3 January, 2010 Sunday

Happy New Year, hun! I hope 2010 will bring you much joy and happiness!

This layout is so stunning, I can’t keep my eyes off it! I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t seen Gone with the Wind or Sabrina (and I call myself a movie buff?). I do adore Audrey Hepburn though! Beautiful icons, dear, keep up the great work! Much love! x

left by Gwen on 4 January, 2010 Monday

Happy 2010! Beautiful icons as always

left by Shiri on 5 January, 2010 Tuesday

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