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Torrential Downpour

24 December, 2009 Thursday // Site, Art, Life, Resources, Icons

iconI am getting used to this! Being on break is what I mean. It’s so wonderful, I never want it to end. x.x Today is Christmas Eve, and I’m going to suggest to my family that we do something, especially for my mom’s namesake; my lovely mother’s name is Eve. :XD: Anyway, I want to get into the sitely stuff so I can delve into the more interesting topic of today’s post.


As another piece of news, I have also created a deviantART for Naeolia. naeolia @ deviantART. I want friends! heehee :)
In regards to this post’s icon, it is a marine flatworm. I think they are just about one of the most beautiful creatures I’ve seen. The way they move is entrancing, their colors, their form, everything is absolutely enchanting about them. But perhaps the most interesting piece of fact about them, is their sex life. Yes :yes: They reproduce by such a manner called “PENIS FENCING.” Penis fencing…hermmm…you can read all about that kinky stuff here on Wikipedia. And ooh! They have the same photo I used for this icon! Little cheats, it took me forever to find that photo. :frus: Anyway, it’s quite brutal, in the process the “losing” one gets all these holes all over the place, but perhaps this violent manner of reproduction makes way for such beautiful offspring. However, I’m glad humans don’t have to go through THAT. Well, the boys can with each other but not for us females! Hoo hoo, who knows, unbeknownst to us, maybe it’s a popular sleepover game for boys. :thinking:

P.S. Lovely new affiliate, Emilka!

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I love the first, second and third icon in “Femme” section *__*

yeah, we’re apart.. it’s like 8000 km? since 2,5 months :(

oo I have heard of FanUpdate, but never used that.
yeah, WP limited me somehow. I had IconSort script on previous Taffy-version but I don’t think I can use it on wordpress theme. And I have to make individual layout for icons. And code it like I used to do.

Im crazy about Gossip Girl, but I haven’t seen the third season though (I think only two episodes) :D I especially like Blake & Leighton, they look so cute together, I love their common photoshoots. You like GG?

left by emilka on 24 December, 2009 Thursday

Ahhh I was afraid. One day the link didn’t work but it was a mistake. very nice artworks !!! Love it ! That’s a long time that I don’t check your website. Continue Nicole !

left by serena on 27 December, 2009 Sunday

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