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Tainted Talent

22 September, 2009 Tuesday // Site, Art, Life, Premades

iconWhew, I am so glad I am updating within this month! School is crazy busy; this past Sunday I took a seminar with Krystel for the SAT. The presenter was funny in such an oddball nerdy way—here’s an example: “Let’s say when you got in trouble with your parents, you knew your butt was grass and someone else was the lawnmower.” Okay, maybe that’s only funny to me. :XD: Some crazy shit. :yes:
I’ve got some juicy oodle doodles, so I’ll start by presenting them. First up is a new colorization that I submitted for Red Heaven. I haven’t made any art for forever (I don’t count retouches as “art”, even though I put them on the same page), and I’m really happy with the way this color turned out. Then I have a pile of retouches, from neglect of updating about.


I’ve added the first premade layout to Naeolia! Give me some feedback (you don’t have to go download it, just from the preview). So far, one person has already downloaded it, but of course I don’t know who it is. Although I am positively itching to find out (which I probably won’t, unless he/she actually contacts me). x.x

Premade Layout ID: Fly Away

Sitely News: New (old) affiliate, Nadia! I have known her site forever, back when she ran The Butterfly, which Naeolia was also affiliated with. She decided to simplify her online life and set up house at Artphilia. Gorgeous.
And then, LUCY, I am so so so glad Paramour’s back. I was seriously worried about what would happen. :)
Now, I decided to list the top five downloads on Naeolia: 1. Small Text Brushet. 2. Weather Brushet. 3. Water Boxy Brushet. 4. Picture Frames. 5. Butterflies Brushet. ^^
School has just been one long chain of avalanches. I like all my classes, but some of them are really hard to get through. I really hope I can come out of this year with good grades. Maybe it’s a little harsh to restrict myself to straight A’s, which I got last semester. AP’s really kick some busy ass. Here’s my schedule for those of you who are interested:

  • 1st period—Color Guard/Marching Band
  • 2nd period—AP English Language & Composition
  • 3rd period—AP United States History
  • 4th period—Spanish IV AP
  • 5th period—Marine Biology Honors
  • 6th period—Precalculus

On top of that, my choir is superrrrr active this year. I’m going to have to mold my schedule around really well, so as to avoid the least possible conflicts. I’m already missing two classes of the fall semester for sure to take the PSAT and a SAT. And to put the rotting, pruny, moldy cherry on top of Shitload Sundae, I need to get some major community service hours in to round myself out in applications and such. Ack, junior year really hits you hard! :frus: I desperately want to become a Teen Titan. Maybe I could get some Beast Girl powers, turn myself into an elephant, and pile the dung on top of some barely finished homework and hand it to the teacher (who obviously couldn’t accept it; hell, I don’t even want to transport it to school).
Question: What do you think of Lindsay Lohan? (she was the inspiration behind this post’s title)

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4 Dreams

whew! im so glad my site is back too! my host had some trouble with it, but im glad that’s fixed now.

i think perez hilton called her Lindsanity…which I think is a hilarious, yet perfect name for her.

I wish I had Marine Bio when I was in high school (Wow…that makes me sound soo old!) Good luck with all your classes…AP classes are totally worth it though, they are ass to get through but you get a lot of credit..

LOVE LOVE the new artwork/brushes.

left by lucy on 23 September, 2009 Wednesday

Yeah, the layout @ Dulcet Light is sort of old…thinking of switching things up again soon. If I get the inspiration, anyway.
I love the new artwork! Totally awesome! Also, the premade layout is fabulousness incarnate!

left by Jen on 26 September, 2009 Saturday

Uhm. Dunno how to say it. But it’s kind of like a new education school. Like when you transfer to a high school or college. Something like that (: That’s the reason why I’m at a new school.

lol, my hillbilly-viking teacher is just weird. But as more as I’m at school the more I get annoyed my some of my teachers xD Which is normal, right? Haha. Like my history teacher.. I’m almost falling asleep in his classes because he’s so boring >.< lol.

left by Helene on 27 September, 2009 Sunday

i like the new updates ! the layout looks really nice too :)

omg, looking at your school schedule, you’re gonna be pretty busy.

lindsey lohan—i have nothing against her. just hope she’ll do well x)

left by kauchih on 27 September, 2009 Sunday

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