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Photo Flash: Crowded Nice Beach

2 September, 2009 Wednesday // Photo Flash

Crowded French Beach

Wooh, talk about beach bums! It’s like the entire country camped out…no wonder the water’s warm. :XD: I’m pretty sure this is in Nice, France—if I’m incorrect, please tell me! Since summer vacation is now totally over for me, I wanted to put up this photo flash as a memory of sweet, sweet summer. :) In terms of weather though, summer’s not over yet! :D Even down where I live (Southern California), the beach water was pretty good last week. I think it would be kind of gross to be at a beach this packed, however. The best thing I can envision is turning yourself over and landing in a hot guy’s lap. But most likely, his snooty topless girlfriend would be looking down at you with her Chloé sunglasses. x.x Anyway, anyone else had a beach day this crazy before? Leave your funny, weird, sunburned beach anecdotes/escapades below! :love:

14 Dreams

what if it was like a nude beach?? they have those in europe!! i might need more than just sunscreen…my eyes need protection.

but that’s one stuffy beach, no one wants to be caught dead in…

i will miss summer!! but it’s so hot. i need to jump into a pool

left by lucy on 2 September, 2009 Wednesday

Crap that’s a a lot of people. I would not tolerate that many people up in my grill… ewww. I’m way too concerned about hygiene for that. :P

I haven’t been to the beach to swim and do “beach things” in forever. But last time I went to Venice Beach, at the end of May, there was a hippie drum circle thing on the beach that my friends and I joined for a few minutes. Not too fun but whatevs.

You could do elite affiliates… My elite affiliates are just those I’m closest to. Most people do it by that, or by how many referrals/hits the sites get. =/

left by Sabryna on 3 September, 2009 Thursday

Nope, haven’t ever (thankfully) been to a beach that packed before….if so, I don’t think I’d have the courage to step out of the car! lol. I couldn’t handle that crowd. I lol’d at your comment….again…..(you’re funny!) about the hot guy and the snooty girlfriend. That would definitely happen, too! lol

P.S: Yeah, sadly, I’m not in college or anything…so instead I weedle away the hours designing random blends and stuff like that…I have no life :D )

left by Jen on 3 September, 2009 Thursday

haha. love the pic. i’ve read this soo many times, but this time I have to comment because that picture is so hilarious! that beach is why there are epidemics…i wonder if anyone had smallpox??…eww. with all those people that beach is probably still cleaner than any of the beaches in LA. so sad. :*(

left by krystel on 5 September, 2009 Saturday

Helloo :D ! Wow, that`s a lot of people at the beach :O! I agree, the weather makes summer.. Not over yet :D ! Far from over, thanks to the fires D’:! I haven`t been to this beach for a while :P . Too busy, with things D’:! But the last time I went, well. There`s still a good amount of people there :D ! Enjoy!

left by Nancy on 6 September, 2009 Sunday

At least you have great weather… This summer we only had two weeks of sushine… And now it’s nice and sunny but freezing… It sucks…

I wouldn’t never go to the beach if it’s that crowded… You can what everyones saying and there’s no space to move…

left by Jenn on 6 September, 2009 Sunday

Summer’s over for me (even when you wrote). Which leads me to: sorry for the late reply.

Anyway, I started at a new school and it takes some time getting used to.. I’ll cope even though it’s so tiring especially when I’m having a school day from 8-4:30 like today!

How’s summer for you?

Thanks :) I’m glad you like the font!

left by Helene on 7 September, 2009 Monday

Awesomeee! :D Fellow marching bandee :D My first year :P Could’ve been my second year if I was in the mood last year :P Thank you& Back to you ;) ! I’m more of a biology person :X. But I’m not going to take a double block class for it. Marine bio! yay ;) ! I hope I’ll survive :P Enjoy :)

left by Nancy on 8 September, 2009 Tuesday

Oh wow that’s a lot of people! I haven’t been to such a crowded beach before (and don’t plan to, lol). But a few weeks ago when the weather was still good in Holland the beaches were so full that they asked people not to come anymore, because there were no spaces left to park your car and the traffic jam was too much, whole cities got stuck, lol….So much for wanting to relax at the beach…nope I’ll rather sit in my backyard ;)

left by Lotte on 9 September, 2009 Wednesday

The only time I’ve ever been to the beach when it’s really crowded is when HB has those US Open surfing tournaments & everyone comes out to watch the pros surf!

But I’ve never seen it that crowded before! I know it has gotten that crowded before too but I haven’t seen it myself.

I’m majoring in Anthropology. :)

left by Tiff on 11 September, 2009 Friday

Woah a lot of people. If there would be sharks in that water, they’d definately be more afraid of the people than the people of the shark :D

left by Shiri on 11 September, 2009 Friday

hi there!! new visitor here! But I must say that you have such a wonderful header!! You are really great a designing!! haha

Haha wow! That really is such a populated beach! Have you seen the picture of the beach in China? The place was how many kilometers long and it’s still full! GACK!

haha it’s the rainy season here at our country, man i do love cold weather! :P

left by tiff k on 11 September, 2009 Friday

I’m really confused because apparently my smilies work when I drag & drop them but then they don’t work when other people do it..what the?

Could you tell me if you see the little smiley at the end of my first comment or do only I see it?

Anyway, I don’t remember what time I woke up but I’m going to say it wasn’t exactly early ahaha. I’ve had the best burger of my life in new york & now in-n-out comes second best to me..sigh. damnit.

left by Tiff on 11 September, 2009 Friday

That picture just seems like a nightmare to me. I like my personal space lol

I actually don’t like the beach. I can’t stand being in the sun too long. It makes me feel ill. :/

Much love, dear! x

left by Gwen on 19 September, 2009 Saturday

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