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We Bleed the Same

27 December, 2009 Sunday // Life, Resources, Premades

To: Matthew Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme, Dominic Howard
The existence of Muse is a blessing in disguise from the stars.
Listening to “Map of the Problematique” is like being plugged into a drug directly powering my heart. “Knights of Cydonia” is just madness. Exogenesis is unbelievable. It’s actually a waste of time to be talking about your music because I’d rather be listening to it again and again and again.
Matt, your voice and general musical prowess is so goddamn sexy, it makes your giggling elf persona into a whole other sex god. Although I can’t make much excuse for your apparently unbearable stinky feet. But again, you are one of my Alternative King Sex Gods.
Chris, your slap bass alone in “Undisclosed Desires” is the secret underlying sex appeal of the whole song (and who said it’s just Undisclosed Desires??). And your constant headbanging makes me fear for the strings in your neck come old age, but bang it away!
Dom, you are the backbone. The lovable balding Spiderman of Muse. Man, I could die from laughing because the combination of your Slipknot impression and yelling “SIT THE FUCK DOWNNN!” and Matt absolutely cackling in the background is just the epitome of WIN.
And boys, your cover of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” is just so fucking sexy, it’s the only love song I can listen to over and over again. Matt’s voice is contagiously sexy and Dom, your little vocal riff is much appreciated. And Chris, you’re just all the time fantastic, need I say more?
You inspire me in my creative ventures and as a band, have given me two gifts: inspiration and your music.

iconThat was my love letter to Muse. I didn’t want to put any negativity in there, so here’s one qualm. There’s the fact that I can’t enjoy “Supermassive Black Hole” as much anymore because I’ve heard it so many times because of it’s exposure in fucking Twilight. Oh what the fuck. :frus: And apparently there’s another Muse song in the New Moon soundtrack, too—the name escapes me but there’s French in it. I have to say, the only reason why I can conceivably tolerate this and not go into a rampage on Twilight is because I secretly want Jasper Hale for myself. Alice can come, too, she seems chill. ^^ Everything else, MONOTONOUS GARBAGE. Now, moving on to more sitely matters…..

Smudge Brushset Mannequin Scans Preview

Premade Layout ID: Forever in Memory
{ Download 544 kb } { Preview }

That’s all for today lovelies. I might come back in and edit things later. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!

Tainted Talent

22 September, 2009 Tuesday // Site, Art, Life, Premades

iconWhew, I am so glad I am updating within this month! School is crazy busy; this past Sunday I took a seminar with Krystel for the SAT. The presenter was funny in such an oddball nerdy way—here’s an example: “Let’s say when you got in trouble with your parents, you knew your butt was grass and someone else was the lawnmower.” Okay, maybe that’s only funny to me. :XD: Some crazy shit. :yes:
I’ve got some juicy oodle doodles, so I’ll start by presenting them. First up is a new colorization that I submitted for Red Heaven. I haven’t made any art for forever (I don’t count retouches as “art”, even though I put them on the same page), and I’m really happy with the way this color turned out. Then I have a pile of retouches, from neglect of updating about.


I’ve added the first premade layout to Naeolia! Give me some feedback (you don’t have to go download it, just from the preview). So far, one person has already downloaded it, but of course I don’t know who it is. Although I am positively itching to find out (which I probably won’t, unless he/she actually contacts me). x.x

Premade Layout ID: Fly Away

Sitely News: New (old) affiliate, Nadia! I have known her site forever, back when she ran The Butterfly, which Naeolia was also affiliated with. She decided to simplify her online life and set up house at Artphilia. Gorgeous.
And then, LUCY, I am so so so glad Paramour’s back. I was seriously worried about what would happen. :)
Now, I decided to list the top five downloads on Naeolia: 1. Small Text Brushet. 2. Weather Brushet. 3. Water Boxy Brushet. 4. Picture Frames. 5. Butterflies Brushet. ^^
School has just been one long chain of avalanches. I like all my classes, but some of them are really hard to get through. I really hope I can come out of this year with good grades. Maybe it’s a little harsh to restrict myself to straight A’s, which I got last semester. AP’s really kick some busy ass. Here’s my schedule for those of you who are interested:

  • 1st period—Color Guard/Marching Band
  • 2nd period—AP English Language & Composition
  • 3rd period—AP United States History
  • 4th period—Spanish IV AP
  • 5th period—Marine Biology Honors
  • 6th period—Precalculus

On top of that, my choir is superrrrr active this year. I’m going to have to mold my schedule around really well, so as to avoid the least possible conflicts. I’m already missing two classes of the fall semester for sure to take the PSAT and a SAT. And to put the rotting, pruny, moldy cherry on top of Shitload Sundae, I need to get some major community service hours in to round myself out in applications and such. Ack, junior year really hits you hard! :frus: I desperately want to become a Teen Titan. Maybe I could get some Beast Girl powers, turn myself into an elephant, and pile the dung on top of some barely finished homework and hand it to the teacher (who obviously couldn’t accept it; hell, I don’t even want to transport it to school).
Question: What do you think of Lindsay Lohan? (she was the inspiration behind this post’s title)

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