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Photo Flash: Blue Moon

5 January, 2010 Tuesday // Photo Flash

Blue Moon

Did anyone catch the Blue Moon on New Year’s Eve (December 31st)? I read an article about it a couple days before and was planning to see it, but then totally forgot. x.x It was only apparent in a couple continents—if I remember correctly, North America, Europe, South America, and Africa. Asia and Australia received the special event right on New Year’s Day. Blue moons are considered rare because it means two full moons in one month; that’s a lot of bright moonshine. ;) They’re not actually blue or have even a bluish tinge. It’s just the sight of a beautiful and bright full moon. :thinking: Thank you, Moon, for giving us such a moony entrance into the new year. :love:

Photo Flash: Crowded Nice Beach

2 September, 2009 Wednesday // Photo Flash

Crowded French Beach

Wooh, talk about beach bums! It’s like the entire country camped out…no wonder the water’s warm. :XD: I’m pretty sure this is in Nice, France—if I’m incorrect, please tell me! Since summer vacation is now totally over for me, I wanted to put up this photo flash as a memory of sweet, sweet summer. :) In terms of weather though, summer’s not over yet! :D Even down where I live (Southern California), the beach water was pretty good last week. I think it would be kind of gross to be at a beach this packed, however. The best thing I can envision is turning yourself over and landing in a hot guy’s lap. But most likely, his snooty topless girlfriend would be looking down at you with her Chloé sunglasses. x.x Anyway, anyone else had a beach day this crazy before? Leave your funny, weird, sunburned beach anecdotes/escapades below! :love: