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7 March, 2011 Monday // Site, Life

iconI will start with the horribly obvious: yes, I have been absent since last July. I may as well have fallen off the face of the earth, and then, to make matters even more unforgivable, about three weeks ago, Naeolia itself disappeared. And then when it returned to the WWW two weeks ago, a blaring 403 Error orange page sat as if it were mocking its existence in shame. And now, it is apparent that I, Nicole, and Naeolia have returned.
I can explain a part of my sentiments in neglecting Naeolia and Erised (which has yet to be resurrected, doubtful in the near future) for the past half-year. Mainly, I needed to concentrate on the pressingly important matter that is the first semester of my senior year. I have passed through the earthly disasters of applying to colleges, scraping through with good grades, all while maintaining shreds of good humor and sanity. The secondary reason for my lack of activity was what I call my “muse.” I temporarily lost the motivation, inspiration, and direction I need to run this website, and when I was starting to become enlightened once more, of course the former reason served as an insurmountable obstacle. But now it is March and I have safely crossed the charted waters of January (end of first semester) and February (beginning of second semester). Highly ironically, I suffered half of February (in separate periods of time) in either extreme sickness or excruciating pain. I missed an entire week of school (never have before) and spent a night in the emergency room. I am finished now, with this probably slightly depressing talk. On to happier, yet still obvious (and some less obvious) things…
New layout! :grin: I think I’m getting better—my coding time has drastically reduced compared to that of the past. I hope it looks right in your browser and screen resolution; if you think something is off, please tell me! The left side should stay fixed as this right content area scrolls. The latter also adjusts according to the width of your browser. Feedback much appreciated. :yes:
I have a new host! Megori graciously runs Tetsunosuke, a free hosting website for both subdomains and domains. I know this will probably mean that in the future I will have to move again, whether it is for my own freedom or Meg’s inability to host websites any longer. But I credit her for Naeolia’s quick reappearance on the web after my old host evaporated on me. Thank you so much, Megori!
I have been reorganizing much of the content having been given this opportunity (to re-upload all of my files to a new server), and will continue to do so. I also have a mass of resources to edit and upload that I hope I can offer very soon. I apologize to my affiliates for my extended absence, but I will be making rounds again soon. Hopefully I will find that I still have a couple attached to me and sadly, I will also probably find some lost ones. I am really tired now so I’ll end this here, but I will say it feels wonderful to be back. :)
P.S. If you encounter any broken links or downloads as you browse the site, please notify me. It is very possible I have missed files in the upload process.

So Real, It’s Surreal

9 July, 2010 Friday // Art, Life

iconWhat is truly frightening to me sometimes is how fast my literal timeline is flitting by, yet how slow my personal clock is ticking. There is so much to accomplish, so much to realize, and so much that is hinged upon what I do this summer that the metaphysical stress of it all is strangely, putting me into regression. This is bad. What I need to do for myself is…go through everything, one by one. The daunting part of this is that I know I won’t be finished until next year. I have probably lost most of you here; I will explain in a second (maybe not). The single importance that this period of my life as a student has, has been pummeled into me so many times, I am stuck on repeat and getting nowhere. I am also extremely tired of comparing myself and comparing numbers, just numbers, only numbers, those damn numbers. There are thousands of others in the same boat as me, just holding their gait differently. And just like life always is, there are many who happen to be luckier than me, and many who are less luckier than me. I personally know people from both pools. Then there are people, who are luckier than me, but by their own personal choices, have brought themselves to lose some of that luck, only to realize it now, and in the spirit of sudden regrets pour forth a string of denials. I know one person who is so. All I can do is focus on myself, and I hope I can sincerely do so, with minimal mistakes.
All right, so in the span of a month, I’ve been to Disneyland, gone to the beach twice, started grueling SAT prep (for which I am leaving in an hour and a half), went up to Santa Barbara, and possess a shitload of photographs of fireworks, from two different occasions. Right. I’ve hyperventilated about renewing my domain (naeolia.net) and my hosting, which is supposed to expire today. Which brings me to note, today is July 9th, 2010. Last year, July 9, 2009, I bought this domain and set up Naeolia on its own platform. So happy domain anniversary. My host is going through some business issues, but the important thing is, for the time being of about a month, I’m hosted. I think you and I can both sense a S-H-I-T down the line. Deal with that as it comes. I was originally going to post some photography and an inkling of resources, but now I feel drained and slightly neurotic, so I’m going to leave you with the product of my last couple of days on Photoshop. Beautiful Tiiu Kuik in an experimental piece. Tell me what you think.