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Version: 08 "Compendium a la Intemperie" (March 2011-present)
Credits: my own textures, model photography from fotodecadent.
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Naeolia was born on October 22, 2007 in Yahoo! Geocities. It was not an easy labor for Nicole, the webmistress. However, Naeolia was not the first child Nicole mothered. Several years ago, from 2003-2006, she owned a website called Arwen Turwaithiel. It was a fansite for The Lord of the Rings. This is a link to the full history of AT as written by Nicole while she still owned the website. [Old History]. After a while, Nicole (then Arwen) changed hosts to Fractured-Sanity.org (ironically, Souly at F-S also hosted Naeolia at one point). Things started to fall apart later in 2006, what with school and life. So Arwen terminated the subdomain. But the Geocities' antiquated version of AT still lived. And when Nicole salvaged the remains in 2007, want for another website came back to her strongly. And hence, Naeolia was brought into the World Wide Web.

Previous Versions

Version 07: You Keep Me Here


This layout featured stills of Arwen from The Lord of the Rings, along with pieces of my own photography. In a way, it was my tribute to my roots in how I started web design, which was my LotR fansite. I simply came up with the title as it is one of my favorite songs by Milla Jovovich; later on I realized it made sense in the context of the actual love story of Arwen and Aragorn. Up from December 2009 - March 2011.

Version 06: Dream of a Mermèid


One of my most favorite and difficult versions, both to design and code. It had a kind of fantasy vibe to it and I really put in every detail. The inspiration came from Annie Leibovitz's photoshoot advertising Disney, and the animated feature The Little Mermaid. First layout on naeolia.net. Up from July 2009 - December 2009.

Version 05: A Sentimental Spring


Soft, feminine layout featuring Liv Tyler. Popular look. I got sick of the tiny content area by the end. Last layout hosted at illusivehopes.net. Up from April 2009 - July 2009.

Version 04: Joie de Vivre


An absolute headache - there were many complications and the making was a painful process. Created slowly throughout summer 2008. The layout features Marion Cotillard, a French actress who is the lead in one of my favorite movies: La Vie en Rose. This was the first layout for Naeolia hosted by Rina on illusivehopes. Up from mid August 2008 - early April 2009.

Version 03: Being of Simplicity


A layout with a wintry feel that lasted until nearly the end of summer, ha. This period of Naeolia coincided with the prepping for the state standarized tests in May and June finals. Updates were scarce between months. Most of the time, the updates were apologies, rather than serious content onslaught. Also, the last layout for Naeolia hosted by Souly on Fractured-Sanity.org. Up from early February 2008 - August 2008.

Version 02: Keys of Reality


A drastic change from v01. I used my own crack texture, which was the first texture I made for Naeolia's resources. It features South Korean entertainer Uhm Jung-hwa. Still, I liked this layout, because it was my first real layout for Naeolia. Up from November 2007 - early February 2008.

Version 01: Opening


The very first layout. Good thing I have a record. The screencap was cropped to minimalize all the extra whiteness. I was happy with it at first, for it was some extensive HTML, but I tired of it quickly. Too simple. But simplicity is good in the beginning. It was hosted at Yahoo! Geocities.


''Naeolia' is a combination of three things: my first initial; the musical mode Aeolian, a name I found intriguing; and in the Odyssey by Homer, the character Aeolus gives Odysseus a bag of the winds to aid his journey home. So the name has a connexion with Greek mythology, which I love. And that's the reason for the strange name.
It is pronounced 'nay-oh-lee-uh.'


The domain Naeolia.net was purchased on July 9, 2009 from Namecheap. Naeolia is hosted by Megori.