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Yet? Why Not?

28 April, 2013 Sunday // Life, Memoirs of a Loon

iconWell, look who has returned from another universe. Has it really been two years?
I will sum up what I’ve been up to in the past two years: university. I will be a third-year in the fall, which is disgustingly realistic. Where has all sense of time flown to? Don’t ask me.

I have been checking Naeolia regularly during the hiatus, tweaking, updating, and editing things here and there. I have grown very attached to this layout. I have murky inspiration for new versions but as of yet, nothing to surface.

A few days ago, I went through many of my affiliates, experiencing guilty pangs as I opened each site. I was surprised at the number of affies whose sites have changed greatly or disappeared altogether. I was also assured and relieved to find ones that are still active and more or less in the same vein as I last knew them. I will be making the blog rounds again shortly so I hope I’m remembered, even if it is by the slightest glimmerings of recollection.


Memoirs of a Loon

17 June, 2011 Friday // Memoirs of a Loon

iconThe night really does evoke odder thoughts than does the day. I think it is the casting of shadows and darkness which lets your mind fill in the gaps—both the darkness before your eyes and its reflection into the back of your mind. For me, I am flooded with sentimentality and emotions are unearthed. I learn something each time that I will not remember until the unknown future recycles the present and past. These moments I call déjà vu or my “reincarnation” visions. What is there to tell me that everything I experience in this body is necessarily of this lifetime?